PentaSpotlight: Berlin’s Best Eateries 

Whenever you enter a new city, whether you’re there for business or pleasure, food is always on the mind.
Questions such as, ‘I wonder what the local cuisine is?’ Or ‘I wonder if there’s many nice restaurants near where I’m staying?’ Often cross the mind.

These are of course important questions as enjoying good food is an essential element for a successful trip!

So, we thought we’d help you out in searching for some of the best places to eat in Berlin. This city has got an immense range of places, whether it’s fine dining, typical German food, asian street food, or even a little taste of France!

So where should you go? Ps. We’re staying clear of sausages!

Restaurant Tim Raue

For a fusion feast head to Tim Raue located close to Checkpoint Charlie; it’s where the far east meets west on the borderland of Berlin. The restaurant offers a relaxed style with the front of house staff donning jeans and trainers – an unusual combo for a venue that offers fine dining and seats only 30. If you want to be a real baller, book The Krug Table, where you guessed it, you’ll enjoy a taster menu with Krug Champagne.

Tim Raue's story is a real culinary rags to riches, and his amazing ability is showcased at this restaurant!
Tim Raue’s story is a real culinary rags to riches, and his amazing ability is showcased at this restaurant!

The interior design is chic and relaxed but has a Chinese theme running throughout. This place does michelin standard food and that 6 course unique tasting menu will leave your tastebuds dancing for days!


If you’re a science and gastronomy fan then this place may be for you! Head chef Gal Ben-Moshe has a playful style of cooking that will have you mind-boggled with the sort of combos he produces!

This place is all about flavour, with surprising but ingenious combinations being delivered on intricately constructed dishes. Fancy your starter to come impaled on a smoking cinnamon stick, or your soup to be adorned with savoury sorbets? Then head on down to Glass for a culinary journey.

3 Minutes Sur Mer

This is one of a number of French restaurants flying the tricolour with pride in Berlin’s Torstrasse. This fun and lively bistro, that was opened next door to its brother, Bendol Sur Mer, has neon signage and an energetic vibe…

The interior is traditionally Parisian; you know, the paper tablecloths with reservation scribbled on them and copper pots lining the open kitchen! Whether you’re seeking a light, impeccably cooked fish dish, or a more gutsy meat dish, pour example – a reduced coq au vin, this place delivers and more!

Not as expensive as the first two restaurant due to it not being a fine dining establishment  but that doesn’t mean less flavour. C’est Magnifique!

Das Lokal

This is a beautifully decorated venue, located in Linienstrasse, containing wooden tables and chairs constructed from wood of the forests that surround the German capital. Food wise, think German staples made with only the most sustainable ingredients.

It’s a popular working lunch location, however their dinners are more lavish with this kitchen being a haven for dishes containing game, again locally sourced from Berlin’s surrounding forests. Germany in a nutshell (well, sort of.)


House of Small Wonder

In this place, it’s not all about life’s great wonders, but the little things. It’s brilliantly bright and cutely decorated with lots of wood and plants – with some inspiration taken from Japanese gardens.

This is a place where you could eat brunch all day, everyday! So chilled and relaxing but with a underlying energy, its main dishes are Japanese inspired; another amazing asian venue!

Our pentalounge in Berlin is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy some great food!
Our pentalounge in Berlin is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy some great food!

Our very own pentalounge in Berlin is home to a number of wonderful foods including the pentaburger and pentapizza! Our food is anything but boring – so check-in and eat until you can’t eat no more!

European Nightlife: 5 Top Clubbing Capitals

Us Europeans, it’s no secret that we love to party – so we thought we would give you some of the continents real hot clubbing hotspots. The places where you’re feet can’t stop tapping and your hands can’t stop clapping – the ultimate clubbing destinations!

It wouldn’t really be acceptable to talk about European clubbing havens and omit Berlin…it’s absolutely awesome. The city is techno crazy and whether it’s an abandoned warehouse that looks like something out of Shutter Island, or a chic and intimate venue, you’re bound to have a great night!

Special shout out must go to Berghain…the aforementioned warehouse that can see people partying for days within its walls. It’s a techno aficionado’s dream but it’s not for the faint hearted!

Berghain sets you on an incredible journey that will have the hairs on the back of your neck, permanently pricked! However, if it all gets a bit much and you feel you need some respite from the club scene, come and check in with us…we’ll do our best to bring you back to full health.


Of course the English capital is going to be included in this list! All four corners of this epic city have different vibes, whether you’re in Shoreditch, Brixton or on the Kings Road.

Special shout out to Corsica Studios, located under the railway arches of Elephant and Castle…it’s an independent venue that seeks to breed creativity, and specialises in putting in some of the city’s best club nights and one off parties. It’s a special place.

When you go to London, you want to do it right and that usually means going big! Our hotel in Reading, located close to London, has a pentalounge that will act as the perfect party starter… You’ll be anything but bored!


You just have to include a city that has a 5 story club in its centre…Prague’s nightlife is all encompassing and offers a host of fun, so whether you’re looking for a chilled couple of drinks or an extremely wild one, this city can deliver.

The five floors of Karlovy Lazne are insane, providing it’s loyal club goers with the perfect recipe for a top night.

Kick it off in the ice bar, before heading up to the 80s cheesy pop room, with its multi coloured dance floor; and finish in a sunken dance floor, where you’ll hear a host of electronic anthems.

The biggest club in Central Europe is no mean feat…you’ll want to be at full strength when tackling this beast. Check in with us in Prague and enjoy the perfect balance of rest and play!


The amazing island, Hajogyari, that is in the midst of the river Danube, welcomes thousands of party-goers each summer! Once the site of a Roman palace, Hajogyari now plays host to a plathora of nightclubs and bars.

The beautiful old town of Budapeth seems miles away when you indulge in the music scene of Hajogyari! A38, is a three tiered club that is on a Moored boat…very chic and very cool. Certainly a place to visit! All aboard..!


Feet shufflers take note – Ibiza and Marbella may be labelled as Spain’s top venues for the clubbing masses but Spain’s second largest city is certainly worth a visit. Barcelona hosts both Sonar and Primavera; two June based electronic festivals that’ll blow your mind.

When it comes to clubs, Razzmatazz is a cavernous warehouse that has a distinct industrial style (Steele glorious Steele!) It’s sheer size and five rooms means you’re likely to get lost at least once, however you may just end up getting lost in its music…it’s that good.

These are just some of europes best nightlife spots…

Pentahotels have 24 hotel properties in Europe. Our rooms offer the perfect balance for rest and play, so why not paint the town red before diving into bed? You’ll be anything but bored…

PentaSpotlight: Cafe Culture in Paris

Although predominantly known for being the city of love, the French capital also has a huge love for cafe culture, with coffee and patisseries playing a huge role in the French lifestyle.

There aren’t many better places to enjoy a perfectly perculsted espresso or a deinty but delicious cake or two…in Paris the classic ‘coffee and cake’ is so much more than simply a stomach filler. The French make everything cool.

Discover the incredible variety of commercial and artisan coffee outlets that Paris has to offer and check in with us…our rooms provide the perfect balance for rest and play…of course the ratio of that balance is entirely up to you.

Here’s some of Paris’ cafe culture hot spots:


La Caféothèque 

The very place where the coffee revolution of Paris kicked off 7 years ago! Located next to an extremely artsy area of the city, this cafe gets a great cosmopolitan crowd through its doors, whilst also attracting hoards of tourists through its picture perfect views of the River Seine!

This cafe is certainly more impressive on the inside than its exterior might suggest, and possesses an extremely intimated, salon-like, feel that’s inviting to both regulars and first time visitors.

The perfect place to enjoy a strong Americano, and dig your teeth into a book…


Situated in the Galarie Lafayette, thinks for those who love their coffee and are prone to a bit of coffee snobbery…this is the place for you because they really take pride in their coffee. Yes, in recent years the Parisians have taken to Starbucks like a duck to water but the real coffee lover will appreciate the Cullier cafe depth of flavour and richness.

Cafe Aouba

This place is first on the map when it comes to foodie enthusiasts. It’s got everything from a fair trade hot chocolate machine to a bijou espresso machine. Those who are seeking chic designer decor may want to give this one a miss.

Here, it’s all about the coffee! The real centrepiece is the gleaming Faema espresso machine, but words won’t do the coffee it produces justice. It’s a must try.

Fondation Café

A place with Australian foundations; and we all know how much the Aussies love their coffee! Aussie banter + Aussie coffee = a great cafe with a quirky and energetic vibe!

The minimalist, Swedish inspired, dressing inside means you’re attention is constantly on the brilliant coffee being made, that, to their credit has French inspiration I.e. Cafe crèmes, espressos and filters.

The cakes are a dream and we will say now, as keen endorsers of health and lifestyle, this place isn’t good for the hips…yet for the tastebuds it’s incroyable!


Da Zavola

The French really don’t seem to approve of the Italian style of coffee, and appear  allergic of Italian style bars…thank goodness then, that Da Zavola is a gastronomia cafe where you can taste gourmet wines and specialities in order to get that perfect espresso!

This place is worth a trip, simply for the beautiful Victoria Arduino espresso machine, which is the only one in Paris! Bellisimo!

So why not book a few days in Paris and immerse yourself within the beautiful cafe culture. There’s so many unique establishments to explore! Check in with PentaParis and enjoy a wonderful spa after a long day in the city. We love to encourage relaxation and needless to say, you’ll always find good coffee in the pentalounge during your stay!

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PentaSpotlight: Top 5 UK Family Attractions this Summer

The Summer Holidays are great…at least for kids anyway! 6 weeks (8 if you’re lucky) off school, to do whatever you want, wear whatever you want and ignore the morning alarms (your parents).

However, this summer period isn’t always as idyllic for the parents. Yes, of course it’s great to get some extra time spent with the kids, whilst taking them on excursions and allowing them to experience new things…but yes, we know it can also be draining! There’s only so many times you can go to the local park, and there’s only so many topics to talk about with the other parents!

So, we thought we’d do our best to help you out, offering ideas for great places to take the kids this summer holiday…



Appreciate the fact that you’re still some years away from having to teach your 17 year old child how to drive, and the stress that comes with it…earning one’s driving license from the Lego City Driving School is a rite of passage for any 5 year old! 80 million Lego bricks and 150 acres of fun, this place is a wonderland for children, and the spectacular intricacies may even be enough to impress your ‘adult’ interior design knowledge.

Tip: This place was designed for U10’s and we believe that it only really caters for children that fall in the bracket…but then again, whatever floats your boat.

Thorpe Park

Now, this one isn’t for U10’s…

Have your kids been naughty and need to be taught a bit of a lesson…allow them to give Stealth or Derren Brown’s Ghost Train a bash and that should be punishment enough. Of course we joke, but this is a fantastic, old school, theme park that is guaranteed fun! There’s so much to do, however it can be completed in a day, meaning that the children will certainly sleep that night.

Tip: To avoid the hefty summer holiday queues, we’d get there ahead of the 9.30am opening time!

Both of these amazing resorts are located very close to our brilliant pentahotel in Reading, so if you’re travelling from far and wide, why not stay with us. Our rooms provide the perfect balance of rest & play, however after the day you’ve got in store…you’ll probably just want rest!

Warwick Castle

So many attractions for children are centred on the future…aliens & Doctor Who seem to have taken over! This place offer you the perfect experience to travel back in time (to be fair, another feature of Doctor Who) in a fun and interactive way…in fact no castle in the country caters better for children than this one! As well as the amazing castle itself, you can experience jousting tournaments, trebuchet launches and the tricky Horrible Histories Maze!

Tip: Amazing for all ages and a real family day out…However The Dungeon Experience is not for the faint-hearted!

This medieval masterpiece is only 30 mins from our pentahotel in Birmingham, so if you’re looking for somewhere to relax after a long day of battle re-enactments, check-in with us! You’ll be anything but bored…

Loch Ness

This is an amazing place to visit...Keep and eye out for Nessie!
This is an amazing place to visit…Remember to keep and eye out for Nessie!

Now this one you’ll all have heard of! It’s a little more outdoorsy, and so will get some fresh air into the lungs of your kids! It’s an amazing walk around the Loch, with incredible backdrops and visuals…Just remember to do the odd, ‘What was that!’ Whilst pointing to the Loch, so the dream of Nessie stays alive!

Tip: Nessie does exist…so keep the kids close at all times.

The Scottish Highlands are well worth a visit, especially Loch Ness, so why not make a trip out of it and stay with us in Inverness! The pentalounge is the perfect place to chill after a long day of walking outdoors.

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village
An amazing day out for the family that’ll teach the kids not to take the internet for granted…

This is an amazing, experiential, day out for all your family…and you can bring your dog! Enjoy unlimited trips on the trams and explore a quaint little village…It’s almost as if you’ve stumbled upon a small town that was never hit by technological advancements, or the internet; and it’s amazingly refreshing.

Tip: Take the gadgets from your kids and let them revel in the past…they may not want them back!

Warrington is only a short drive away, so come and stay with us at our pentahotel…our chic and stylish interior will bring you back to the future!

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PentaBuzz: The Largest Arts Festival in the World, Edinburgh

Scotland is such a wonderful place to be during the summer months…when you’re treated to splendid sunny weather, the highlands is an amazing place to reflect and take in the breath-taking scenery…it offers a tranquil escape.

The shores of Loch Ness and the hills that surround offer an air of peacefulness and serenity that allow you to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, and embrace the moment that you’re in. Although it may sound clichéd, it’s an experience like no other!

Loch Ness
Loch Ness is an extremely tranquil place to go on holiday…

Check-in to our pentahotel in Inverness and experience the highlands of Scotland…you’ll be anything but bored.

Yet, in contrast, if you’re seeking a day trip to a city, where hustle and bustle is guaranteed and an incredible cosmopolitan vibe essential, then a day trip to Edinburgh during the famous Fringe Festival (5-29 August) is a must…

A street entertainer performs on Edinburgh's Royal Mile...
A street entertainer performs on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile…

It’s an amazingly vibrant festival that offers something for everyone…a day trip to the fringe can be extremely fulfilling and entertaining, offering acts within music, comedy and the contemporary arts; but what should you go and see..?

Here’s our top picks!

Shakespeare for Breakfast

Get your Fringe Festival experience off to a flyer with this bizarre combination of banterful comedy inspired by the works of Shakespeare, alongside croissants and coffee – it’s a real Shakesperience. Enjoy a journey through the works of Britain’s most famous playwright, alongside your coffee and French pastry, within a comical environment…just be careful not to spill any down yourself; you’ve got a long day ahead.

Starman – Steve Ratzke

This fitting tribute to the late, great, David Bowie is a fantastic show…

Everyone with an interest of pop music was touched and saddened by the passing of the late, great, David Bowie…this is an act that provides an amazing ensemble of seventies glam rock, combined with some intimate moments that celebrate the works of Bowie. Ratzke and his 3-man band provide oodles of entertainment with style and flair – a great spectacle.

Burnistoun Live – Iain Connell and Robert Florence

This show went down extremely well on the TV screens and stages of Scotland…it offers a rather hilarious brand of ‘shouty’ comedy to the festival, as well as a genuine insight into original Scottish humour. Its writers have previously created characters for renowned shows such as Chewin’ the Fat and The Karen Dunbar Show, so if you’re seeking a ‘belly laugh,’ this is for you.

So? – Daniel Sloss

Daniel Sloss
This guy started out as a teenage sensation…now only 25 he’s gained international recognition…

This guy is regarded as one of the best around…internationally acclaimed and certified funny man, we just know his show will have you in stitches! Described by the Sunday Times as ‘Brilliantly Dark and Razor Sharp,’ this is not a show to be missed. With guest appearances on global shows such as The Late Late Show, his reputation speaks for itself.

Chef: Come Dine With Us

Where food meets the theatre…Peckish?

2 daring chefs compete to serve you up wonderful dishes, whilst combining their chef duties with a casual bit of eye-opening beat-boxing and acrobatics! It’s exactly the kind of cooking act you’d expect to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – food themed Korean b-boying – and it’s wonderfully original and entertaining!

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Military Tatoo
It’s one of the Edinburgh Festival’s true highlights…

This is an annual series of Military tattoos performed by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and International military bands, and display teams on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. It’s an incredible spectacle, that creates an extremely patriotic, and moving, atmosphere. It’s location, Edinburgh Castle, is a spectacular venue and this is one of the really special events during the festival period.

If you fancy travelling from Inverness to Edinburgh for a day trip to the Fringe Festival, you can travel with Megabus for an amazing £29 return ticket!

If you want to experience the Fringe over a couple of days, Haggis Adventures offer a 3 day / 2 night trip to the capital, which includes many shows and a trip to the Military Tattoo for £199.

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PentaSpotlight: Rio 2016 – The Ones to Watch

The Olympics are on the horizon and we cannot wait! The greatest, and most diverse sporting show on earth hits Rio in just over a week…

We know that Brazil can put on a show; just look at the recent football World Cup and the carnivals they’re famous for! Even though there may be a dark cloud looming over the games in the form of doping, we’re sure that this Olympics will be a great success!

We thought we’d look some of the stars to look out for, from a few of the countries in which we have hotels…


Michael Jung (Equestrian)

What an amazing sportsman this guy is...can he claim gold again?
What an amazing sportsman this guy is…can he claim gold again?

This guy is the Mo Farah, Chris Froome, Usain Bolt of Equestrian…He won two gold medals at the London Olympic Games, which meant he became the first rider ever to hold the Olympic, World and European title at the same time!

He’ll enter the competition as favourite to retain both titles and is a real class act on four legs!


Renaud Lavillenie (Athletics)

Renaud Lavillenie
Piece of Cake right..? What these guys do is incredible!

This guy is pure class…he is the reigning Pole Vault Olympic Champion, as well as the World Record holder (6.16m) – that is no mean feat considering the incredible record of Sergey Bubka, a vault of 6.15m stood for over 20 years! When this guy is on song, he’s in a league of his own and no one can touch him.

Occasionally he has been known to ‘bottle it,’ at major events, most noticeably the World Championships, Yet, Lavillenie seems a dead cert for gold!


Si Yajie (Diving)

The bravery and skill involved in high platform diving is quit remarkable...
The bravery and skill involved in high platform diving is quite remarkable…

At 14 years old, she won the 10 metre platform World Championships in 2013…just take a moment to absorb that! However, although still one of the favourites, she’ll have to overcome her fellow Chinese compatriot, Ren Qian, who is only 14 and the in form Kim-Kuk Hyang from North Korea.

The diving is always an amazing spectacle, with the exceptionally fine margins that can make or break a flawless sequence. It should be a brilliant competition at Rio 2016.

Great Britain

Nicola Adams (Boxing)

The first ever Olympic Champion in Women's Boxing...Will she be the 2nd too?
The first ever Olympic Champion in Women’s Boxing…Will she be the 2nd as well?

The reigning Olympic Champion and current World Champion will enter the Olympic Games in Rio as a huge favourite…Inspired by the late, great Muhammad Ali, she won the hearts of the British Nation with her little in-ring shuffle and aggressive, and accurate boxing technique. There’s no doubt that she’s one of the people’s champions of Team GB, and has a real shot at retaining her title in Rio.

Of course, we’ve got to give a special mention to a couple of other athletes who are somewhat in a league of their own…America’s Ashton Eaton, decathlete and possibly the most remarkable athlete in the world is one to watch out for, as well as a certain Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The track of Rio 2016 will no doubt be lit up but Team GB’s Mo Farah, Kenya’s superman, David Rudisha, and the biggest entertainer in the world of sport; the legendary Usain Bolt!

Catch the action live from Rio and proudly support your nation in the pentalounge…you’ll be anything but bored!

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PentaSpotlight: Pokemon Go – It’s Gaming Season

Well, to say Pokemon has returned with a bang would be an understatement…

In the space of a week, the words Pikachu, Bulbasaur and the names of many other little pocket monsters have slid back into the world’s vocabulary as if they were never away, and it’s all down to the release of the App based game Pokemon Go!

It's taking over the world...
It’s taking over the world…

At pentahotels, we love encouraging our guests to discover their inner gamer, and have created the perfect rooms for all sorts of #pentafun! The Penta Player Pads, which exist in Paris, Brussels and Liege, cater for #pentapeople who like to spend a little more time in their rooms…they’re basically a utopia for gamers and include PS4’s, football tables and pinball machines. #JustOneMoreGamePlz

The Penta Player Pad...The perfect place to Unleash your inner gamer!
The Penta Player Pad…The perfect place to Unleash your inner gamer!

Our rooms fit the pentahotel lifestyle perfectly, encouraging a healthy balance of rest and play…however if it is exercise you seek, why not download the App Store’s newest fitness App, Pokemon Go, it’ll have you running around for ages in an augmented reality…And here’s a secret for you, there’s plenty hiding within our hotels! #GottaCatchEmAll

On the subject of popular games, there’s a few that are to be released soon that you should look out for…


Play as Calum Hunter, as you take on the world of football...
Play as Calum Hunter, as you take on the unforgiving world of football…

For the past 20 years this has been one of the most hotly anticipated games each year and the really amazing thing about it is they keep massively improving in such a small space of time. However, what FIFA 17 brings, is revolutionary. The Journey offers you the chance to experience the complete life of a footballer, from grassroots to Old Trafford, the highs and the lows, the key decisions…the question is can you cope with the big time? Out 27th September.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Yes, another COD is being released but just like FIFA, they’re forever upping their game. The graphics are sublime and the interactive gameplay, lifelike. COD lovers will likely enter a stage of hibernation come November 6th.

Watch Dogs 2

Take down San Fran's top Surveillance team as Marcus Holloway...
Take down San Fran’s top Surveillance team as Marcus Holloway…

Ever thought about being a hacker in San Francisco? No, us neither, but this game, based in a fictionalised San Fran will make you wonder why it’d never crossed your mind! Play as Marcus Hollyway and attempt to take down the city’s top surveillance system…We’ll say no more. Out November 15th

If you and a few friends fancy staying in (out of the house) why not check-in to one of our Penta Player Pads, order from our amazing room service menu, and game the night away!

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Fly direct to Brussels from London Heathrow with British Airways for just £158, or fly from Berlin Schoenefeld with Ryanair for £67! You can also fly from Stuttgart to Paris for only £78 with Airfrance!

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PentaBuzz: Live Today, Love Tomorrowland

If you’re lucky enough to be attending Tomorrowland, it’s like taking a trip down the rabbit hole…in the sense that what exists on the other side is like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before.

Labelled the epicentre of electronic music, Tomorrowland is forever pushing the boundaries of innovation and rewriting the rules of how an electronic music festival should be…that’s why this year’s tickets sold out in a mind-boggling 40 minutes!

Enter the Musical Utopia, which is the Kingdom of Melodia…

So, if you’re going and it’s your first time, what should you expect?


This musical masterpiece is situated in the Belgian countryside, in a small town, rather fittingly named Boom. Amongst the abundance of lakes and wooded areas, the Tomorrowland team conjures up an incredible setting that includes magical looking stages of all sizes and designs.

From Misty Mountains to Colourful Castles, the design team really go all out, so that every inch of the venue is engulfed in chic décor that demands attention from the human eye and camera lenses.

It’s a venue that nails crowd flow, so even though it’s the most populated music festival in the world you never have to endure the muggy feeling of overcrowding. Tomorrowland is an Adventure of a Lifetime, and we guarantee it’s not one you’ll want to return home from.

2016 Line Up

To put it simply, you’ll struggle to find as diverse and prevalent an electronic line up anywhere in the world…

Household names such as Oliver Heldens, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello and Alesso are joined by the likes of Alan Walker, The Chainsmokers and many more…Basically all the biggest electronic acts from across the globe cluster for this amazing event.

The Crowd

This summer, more nationalities will likely be represented at Tomorrowland than at the Rio Olympics, such is the diverse crowd that the festival attracts. At Tomorrowland, the primary language is music, and everyone gets together to embrace the audible chemistry that the musical scientists produce.

The crowd make Tomorrowland all the more special with the atmosphere they create…

Spine Tingling sets send the crowds into a state of Euphoria, as the world’s finest electronic acts showcase their prestige to an amazingly receptive crowd that completely and utterly buy into the Tomorrowland vibe.

There’s no doubt for the duration of this festival, you’ll be partying dawn til dusk and indulging in an experience like no other.

Live Today, Love Tomorrowland…

Avoid an immediate return journey home and continue your holiday by checking out Brussels and checking in to our fantastic #pentahotel Belgium’s capital.

We offer the perfect balance of rest and play…but if it’s just rest you seek then enjoy relaxing within the #pentalounge as you reminisce about your Tomorrowland experience.

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Fly direct to Brussels from London Heathrow with British Airways for just £158, or fly from Berlin Schoenefeld with Ryanair for £67!

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PentaBuzz: Sumptuous Summer

Summer is awesome- it’s packed with positivity and pentafun, whether you’re heading on holiday, going to a festival or simply soaking up the sun within your hometown. It’s a time when people make the most of every free second they get, ensuring they’re being either active, social or both. Time with friends and family is seen as sacred, especially when it’s time spent in the sun!

We were thinking, it’s amazing how much of this social activity revolves around food whether you’re enjoying a BBQ in your garden, or a picnic in the local park; what you eat during these social activities almost dictates whether it comes under ‘Summer Fun.’

So, we thought we’d look at your staple summer foods that seem to define the taste of summer; things you can’t go without and are a necessity when enjoying a sociable summer affair.


This just shouts summer...
This just shouts summer…

The Summer essential- whether you’re 8, 18 or 80, you’ll always appreciate a cold Ice-Cream on a hot summers day. There’s something comforting about hearing that extremely annoying jingle of an ice-cream van, it is a typical sound of summer. Nowadays there are so many flavours and types to choose from but on a scorching summers day, when beer gardens are packed and communal parks filled, can you really beat the classic 99 come- we don’t think so!

The Classic BBQ

The BBQ: the perfect opportunity for men across the world to show how butch they are, as they become the master of the meat. There aren’t many experiences more pleasant than walking through your local neighbourhood and picking up the scent of a BBQ in the air…it’s a typical smell of summer!

Of course, when you throw a BBQ, a half-hearted approach just won’t do. It’s all about going the distance…We’re talking beef burgers, steaks, corn on the cob, coleslaw etc. etc.

At pentahotels, food is a big thing!

The pentalounge plays host to some fabulous treats including an amazing selection of Burgers, Steaks and Pizza.So, if the summer weather should take a turn for the worst and you’re looking for some food under the cover of shelter, come feast with us!

We take pride in our amazing and hearty food offering, and one things for sure, you will not go hungry in the pentalounge. Whether you’re seeking replacement BBQ food in the form of the pentaburger or pentasteak, or fancy something a little different…perhaps a pentapizza? We have it covered!

Check out our menu below…

Availability vares across individual properties, talk to our staff for the best offerings at your hotel
Availability varies across individual properties, talk to our staff for the best available offer at your local pentahotel…


Fruit Salad

Healthy summer picnic with fresh colorful tropical fruit salad served in a bowl on a red and white checked cloth
Healthy summer picnic with fresh colorful tropical fruit salad served in a bowl on a red and white checked cloth

Whether it be in bobbing in the top of a Pimm’s jug, or acting as the centre piece of a picnic on the beach, the fruit salad is always invited to any summer festivities. We all know that summer produces fruit that contains a beautiful depth of flavour. Add a meringue, ice-cream or perhaps whipped cream in there and you have the perfect dessert…Juicy Strawberries submerged in clotted cream – it’s a Wimbledon essential, and who doesn’t associate Wimbledon with summer…?

We want to give a special shout out to : Watermelon, Mango & Pineapple…

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The Best Summer Cocktails…

Summer is all about chilled vibes, sand between the toes and a cold drink in hand…and what better drink than a summer infused cocktail.

Most of our hotels locations are located in the city but if you were on a white sand beach, with a beautiful sunset on the horizon, which cocktail would you choose?

Well, in our Paris pentahotel, Mojitos are known to be very popular. The citrus fruits, minty freshness and subtle sweetness all blend together to create a wonderful summery flavour.  If you’d be one to order this famous white rum based cocktail, then we’d say in the words of the Spice Girls, you’re seeking to spice up your life and let go with a mojito!


For those who have endured a manic working week (and only reached Wednesday) The Cosmo is the cocktail for you. Not only does its name somewhat fit your current surroundings, but the intense citrus flavours, mixed with the freshness of the cranberry juice will provide you with the little kick you need to get through those last two days. It’s classy, it’s sophisticated and it’s summer in the city. Just watch out for those glasses if you have a couple…they’re designed for spillage!


Yet, what if you want something with a little fizz and by fizz of course we mean champagne! The French 75 (Soixante Quinze to the French) is a wonderfully punchy, champagne based cocktail that really endorses familiar tastes of summer. Now, champagne is usually enjoyed during times of celebration and this cocktail certainly fits that bill. It was named the 75 due to it containing such a kick from the Gin, Champagne, Lemon Juice and sugar combo, that when you drink it, you feel like you’ve been shelled by the French 75mm field gun…we promise you the drinking experience is one of great pleasure, But there is an ooomph!

French 75

Last but not least, when you’re searching for a little sip of summer, you can never go wrong with a Peach Melba Mimosa…and no we’re not saying revert to a dessert.

This is another champagne infused cocktail, but what the heck, champagne is definitely back in this summer! This little gem, containing sweet berries, peaches and just enough bubbly for a sharp crisp taste, is perfect for a drink during sunset within a courtyard bar.

Why not get one of the pentalounge bar guys to make one of these fabulous champagne cocktails for you. Our partner Champagne, Papis Loveday Champagne, acts as a great foundation for cocktails!

At pentahotels we offer guests a vast range of cocktails and at a night out spent in one of our pentalounges you’ll be anything but bored…


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