Escape the City: Asia Edition

Big City life is great and so is the rush and buzz that comes from it! Yet, sometimes it can all just be a bit much to digest, sometimes people just want to be able to escape from the concrete landscape and enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity.

This can especially be the case when you’re playing tourist and aren’t used to the population density levels and mayhem that exist in Asian cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing!

Don’t worry, we hear you and we have got your back! Where should you go to get away from it all and enjoy a bit of ‘you’time?

The pentalounge is an ideal venue to kick back, relax and chill, within a social and friendly vibe. We serve mouthwatering cocktails and fresh juices as well as good food to satisfy your tastebuds from Caesar Salad to our signature Penta Burger.

But if it’s fresh air and an open space that you’re after then how about you take a stroll around some of the Penta recommended parks when you check into one of our Asia hotel properties during your next visit.


Fuxing Park

This 10 hectare, French styled park is like a massive garden in the centre of Shanghai. Although designed by the French, it’s got tonnes of typically Chinese elements to remind you where you are in the world!

Fuxing Park

It contains pavilions, fountains, flowerbeds and a great lake that’ll encourage you to embrace your inner zen just as much as yoga! This is one of the must-see locations in Shanghai but don’t worry about an overflow of tourists, it’s that big you’ll be able to feel very much at one with your thoughts!

Dongping National Forest Park

This park is a little outside Shanghai city centre, and at the centre of Chongming Island. This place is amazing if you’re looking for some activities to relieve the stresses of the city, for example grass skiing (who knew that was a thing?), rock climbing and it also has a driving range!


With awesome BBQ facilities, it’s the perfect place for guys to show off their grilling skills, whilst surrounded by nature. Forgotten your meat supplies? No wrries, work up an appetite walking around this epic forest before joining us in the pentalounge for our incredible penta pizza or penta burger!


Beihei Park

One of the biggest and most picturesque parks in Beijing and it’s over 1000 years old – It was owned and ruled by four different dynasties! It’s a massive 69 hectares and is filled with pavilions and gardens, so you’ll certainly have things to look at to take your mind off the stress off the city. The real attraction here is the Tibetan White Pagoda Temple, which looks spectacular with its rather chic and ancient décor.

Beihei Park

Make sure you head to the lake and take a boat out…is there anything more relaxing than just bobbing along?

Tuanjiheu Park

This is a spot that is all about the tranquillity! You’ll see Beijing’s elderlies getting their daily fix of tai-chi and frantic office workers busting a gut in vigorous exercise routines (the stresses of the city eh) – it’s a very healthy place to be.

Tang Park

However, it’s not all go, go, go; you’ll find couples staring deeply into each other’s eyes and families on the lake, enjoying the pedal boats. Much like the pentahotel bedrooms, this park offers the perfect balance of rest and play.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park

Unlike the others in the list, this place isn’t epic when it comes to acreage but it’s god so much to see! Within the park there’s the amazing flagstaff house; and if you like your Chinese tea of Chinese Antique Porcelain then it’s well worth a trip – you’ll see some of the best exhibits in China!

Hong kong Park 1

From the park you get an incredible perspective of the Hong Kong skyline, with it’s sexy and curvaceous buildings, as well as its sharp and angled sky scrapers. To be able to observe the city from a distance may be just what you need!

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