Christmas Party Games

The holiday season is a time of festive gatherings. Hosting a Christmas party means that your family, friends, neighbours and coworkers will all come together under one roof. With the festive celebration already underway across Europe in our pentahotels we thought we could help you get into the festive spirit during your visit.


Sometimes everyone from the different parts of your life can use a little help getting comfortable and chatting with one another, which is why we rounded up fun Christmas Party games to help break the ice….

So, we’ve made our list and checked it wide. Here are our favourite Christmas party games for all the good little boys and girls coming to visit us at pentahotels this holiday season and in the spirit of Christmas make sure you give out prizes for the winners!

1. Ugly Sweater Contest

Perhaps nothing represents the spirit of the holidays more than a classic Christmas sweater b who wears it worse?


Players: As many as you like!

What’s you’ll need: Determine your winner based on who receives the loudest applause and biggest cheer within the group.

How to play: Invite everyone to dress in their best (or worst) holiday sweater and vote on the winner! And what do winners get? Prizes! So make sure you buy them a drink from the bar in the pentalounge!

2. The ABCs of Christmas… 

The General knowledge quiz of Christmas with a twist!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: A pen and paper and luckily for you their is a pen and notepad in every pentaroom!

How to play: Race to see who can get through the alphabet from A-Z with a festive word for each letter.

3. Candy Cane Relay


This game is good for sleepovers, for party night in the pentalounge  and any event where you can get your friends in a circle for a bit of fun.

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Each player will need a candy cane!

How to play: Each player gets a candy cane which they stick in their mouth. The first player gets another cane hooked on the one they already have and they must pass to their teammate without using their hands. The first team to pass the candy cane pass every player wins.

4. Name That Tune…

So, you think you know your Christmas music? If you are a music fan then this music trivia quiz is for you!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Your mobile devise, iPad or music devise and a selection of Christmas tune classics.

How to play: Play five seconds of a Christmas carol and have everyone guess what it was!

5. The 12 days of Christmas


12 shots, 1 song; and prepare yourself for the room spinning violently!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Your favourite Christmas jams, a variety of differing strength spirits.

How to play: Line up 12 different shots – one lot of 12 for each person playing – then allocate each shot to different verse or passage within the Christmas song of your choice. Play the song and for each corresponding part, take the shot relevant to the verse. Continue to play until your neighbours starting knocking on your room door for you to turn the noise down!

6. The Santa Hat Game

Business group people in santa hat at Xmas party.

For your festive gathering with Santa hats!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Get everyone a Christmas hat (you know they’ll secretly love it!)

How to play: Before guest arrive at your party, pin the name of a Christmas character to the top of each one.Ask everyone to put on a hat without peaking at the name. Each person takes their turn asking questions to try to guess their identity.The winner is the first person to guess who he or she is!

Share you moments…

We think that a few games and activities spread throughout your party celebration will put festive fun into your penta party! And remember this festive season to snap some pictures of you and you friends, tag us on social and share your moments with the penta family #pentahotels

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