Trick or Treat? It’s Halloween…


PentaBuzz: Trick or Treat?

Halloween is celebrated throughout the world, with different traditions, names and beliefs. While typical Halloween activities include trick-or-treating and costume parties, there are a few places around the world where Halloween is so much more than that. From the witch trials in Prague, to a transformed theme park near Wiesbadan in Germany, these Penta ‘hot spots’ around Europe are by far the coolest places to be when October 31st falls.

Some of the events will have you screaming in fear, others will have you partying with thousands of people and others will have you taking part in elaborate costume parades; whatever you decide though, pentahotels promise it will be unforgettable!


Berlin, Germany
Head to Berlin for the Horror Night at Filmpark Babelsberg

Located just outside of Berlin, the Filmpark Babelsberg is an immense film set/theme park. During Halloween season, their special Horrornächte event will take you into an alternate reality with scenes of Halloween horror, props, actors and performances for the ultimate Halloween movie experience!

For the 7th time, Filmpark Babelsberg invites for its Horror Nights. People get shivered by all kinds of monsters and zombies. Experience your own horror movie. No admission for people under 16 years. Tickets from €19 and events run until 2nd November.


Prague, Czech Republic
The Biggest Halloween Party in Europe

‘Bloody Sexy Halloween’ is the best Halloween celebration in Prague. Great electronic music, awesome staging and even more incredible fancy dress create the spookiest, naughtiest way to spend Halloween.
Right in the city centre, this exclusive party welcomes local and international DJs to their brand new venue, Prague’s Forum Karlín, as the night continues all the way until 5am in the morning.

Expect spectacular pyrotechnic entertainment, more amazing people than ever before and the most outrageous theming in town. However, if your looking for something less flamboyant Prague is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most Gothic cities. Here you can walk through the foggy, narrow streets of the Old Town, pay a visit to the Museum of Alchemy or take part in a late night Ghost Tour of the city for a Halloween experience to remember!


Paris, France
Discover Ancient Life Beneath Paris

Located beneath the city of light, in the disused stone mines of the city, are the remains of more than 6 million Parisians, on display for all to see. At the Catacombs of Paris bones were placed there in the 18th century to clear out the fetid mess of the inner-city mass graves that had poisoned the air with their stench due to decades of overuse. The bones were stripped of any partially decayed matter, which was recycled as soap! Ooo-err! Visit for details.

Perhaps the catacombs are a little too macabre? For a more light-hearted adventure in Paris during Halloween, why not head over to Disneyland, and see some of your favourite cartoon characters dressed up in festive Halloween garb. Our hotel at Paris CDG Airport is within 10km of the Disneyland Paris resort.


Inverness, Scotland
Fright Night in the Mystical Scottish Forrests

The history of Scotland’s woods are soaked in mystery, bloodshed and strange goings on. Where better to have a genuine fright night on All Hallow’s Eve! Time to put on your scariest costumes and explore the unmentionable Forest of Frights, stretching 1300 m across two isles in the middle of the River Ness. Watch out for the creepy ‘Wall of Hands’ and meet some well-known characters along the way, including Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood, as you’ve never seen them before.

Horror Nights at Europa Park, Rusk, Germany


Fearless visitors can be the stars of their very own horror film during Horror Nights – as zombies, killer clowns, and vampires test their bravery and nerves! During the night visitors follow a trail through a darkened section of the theme park, where live actors, disguised and made to scare them, jump out on them! A choice of 5 haunted house form the main attractions plus an exclusive house based on the ‘Escape Room’ await you with all the attendant scary sounds, lighting, effects and visuals. Events run from 21st October- 5th November 2016 and check into our hotels in Wiedsbadan or Trier for nearest proximity to the theme park.

pentahotels have 28 hotel properties worldwide. Visit for destinations and hotel room rates and remember when black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!

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