Penta Spotlight: Discovering ‘The Water of Life’

 Discovering ‘The Water of Life’ with pentahotel Inverness


Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast, or simply just a drinks spirit aficionado, a trip to a distillery is guaranteed to leave you in good spirits.

Whisky or ‘Uisge Beatha’ (meaning ‘Water of Life’) as its commonly known by the local highlanders of Scotland has become one of the Scotland’s best exports and Inverness where you’ll find  our only pentahotel property in Scotland is home to some of the best whisky distilleries in the region.

Speyside in the Scottish Highlands is known internationally for famous whisky distilleries  including Glenfiddich, Macallan and Glenlivet to name just a few and with the added bonus of the magnificent scenery around the stunning Inverness region, visitors will be stunned by its dramatic views and beautiful countryside.

Distill 2.jpg

This Autumn pentahotel in Inverness invite you to come and celebrate Scotland’s most famous tipple with our guide to the top 5 whisky distillers in the area.


Founded in 1897, the distillery boasts 12 stills and at one time had the largest capacity of any whisky distillery in the world. Friendly guides will welcome you and talk you through the whole distilling process. Visitor Centre and shop.

Glen Ord Distillery Visitor Centre

Distillery 1.jpg

The MacKenzies of Ord feature largely in the development of the distillery. Thomas MacKenzie of Ord inherited the estate in 1820 and set about rejuvenating the area. He leased land for the distillery to be built, as he envisaged an industry where local men could have all-year round employment. It also gave him a ready market for his barley. The distillery was water-powered by 2 large water wheels driven by water from Loch nam Bonnach and Loch nan Eun. Water for mashing was then taken from the Cuckoo Well and added to the whisky’s distinctive character.


The Glenmorangie Distillery tour gives you unparalleled access to the distillery and warehouses. With the help of an expert guide you will experience all stages of the whisky making process from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturing – all culminating in a dram or two of your choice!


The Aberlour Distillery

Steeped in centuries of legend and surrounded by the dramatic Highland scenery of Ben Rinnes, the village of Aberlour lies at the very heart of Speyside, where the Lour burn joins the River Spey. The exceptionally pure, soft spring water used for making Aberlour whisky is drawn from nearby natural springs.

Glen Moray

At the Glen Moray distillery you can discover the reality of malt whisky distilling. The delight of Glen Moray is that your tour guide could be one of the distillery craftsmen themselves.

The great advantage of this is the authenticity of the introduction – each guide knows the process of whisky making like the back of their hand. So, at Glen Moray, you will gain an unforgettable insight into how water and barley are transformed into ‘the water of life’.


Arrange your visit to the distilleries of the Scottish Highlands when you book your accommodation with pentahotels Inverness. Our team can help you prepare and book your whisky tour around the region or simply serve you the best of what our bar has to offer in the pentalounge.

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