PentaSpotlight: Berlin’s Best Eateries 

Whenever you enter a new city, whether you’re there for business or pleasure, food is always on the mind.
Questions such as, ‘I wonder what the local cuisine is?’ Or ‘I wonder if there’s many nice restaurants near where I’m staying?’ Often cross the mind.

These are of course important questions as enjoying good food is an essential element for a successful trip!

So, we thought we’d help you out in searching for some of the best places to eat in Berlin. This city has got an immense range of places, whether it’s fine dining, typical German food, asian street food, or even a little taste of France!

So where should you go? Ps. We’re staying clear of sausages!

Restaurant Tim Raue

For a fusion feast head to Tim Raue located close to Checkpoint Charlie; it’s where the far east meets west on the borderland of Berlin. The restaurant offers a relaxed style with the front of house staff donning jeans and trainers – an unusual combo for a venue that offers fine dining and seats only 30. If you want to be a real baller, book The Krug Table, where you guessed it, you’ll enjoy a taster menu with Krug Champagne.

Tim Raue's story is a real culinary rags to riches, and his amazing ability is showcased at this restaurant!
Tim Raue’s story is a real culinary rags to riches, and his amazing ability is showcased at this restaurant!

The interior design is chic and relaxed but has a Chinese theme running throughout. This place does michelin standard food and that 6 course unique tasting menu will leave your tastebuds dancing for days!


If you’re a science and gastronomy fan then this place may be for you! Head chef Gal Ben-Moshe has a playful style of cooking that will have you mind-boggled with the sort of combos he produces!

This place is all about flavour, with surprising but ingenious combinations being delivered on intricately constructed dishes. Fancy your starter to come impaled on a smoking cinnamon stick, or your soup to be adorned with savoury sorbets? Then head on down to Glass for a culinary journey.

3 Minutes Sur Mer

This is one of a number of French restaurants flying the tricolour with pride in Berlin’s Torstrasse. This fun and lively bistro, that was opened next door to its brother, Bendol Sur Mer, has neon signage and an energetic vibe…

The interior is traditionally Parisian; you know, the paper tablecloths with reservation scribbled on them and copper pots lining the open kitchen! Whether you’re seeking a light, impeccably cooked fish dish, or a more gutsy meat dish, pour example – a reduced coq au vin, this place delivers and more!

Not as expensive as the first two restaurant due to it not being a fine dining establishment  but that doesn’t mean less flavour. C’est Magnifique!

Das Lokal

This is a beautifully decorated venue, located in Linienstrasse, containing wooden tables and chairs constructed from wood of the forests that surround the German capital. Food wise, think German staples made with only the most sustainable ingredients.

It’s a popular working lunch location, however their dinners are more lavish with this kitchen being a haven for dishes containing game, again locally sourced from Berlin’s surrounding forests. Germany in a nutshell (well, sort of.)


House of Small Wonder

In this place, it’s not all about life’s great wonders, but the little things. It’s brilliantly bright and cutely decorated with lots of wood and plants – with some inspiration taken from Japanese gardens.

This is a place where you could eat brunch all day, everyday! So chilled and relaxing but with a underlying energy, its main dishes are Japanese inspired; another amazing asian venue!

Our pentalounge in Berlin is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy some great food!
Our pentalounge in Berlin is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy some great food!

Our very own pentalounge in Berlin is home to a number of wonderful foods including the pentaburger and pentapizza! Our food is anything but boring – so check-in and eat until you can’t eat no more!

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