PentaSpotlight: Cafe Culture in Paris

Although predominantly known for being the city of love, the French capital also has a huge love for cafe culture, with coffee and patisseries playing a huge role in the French lifestyle.

There aren’t many better places to enjoy a perfectly perculsted espresso or a deinty but delicious cake or two…in Paris the classic ‘coffee and cake’ is so much more than simply a stomach filler. The French make everything cool.

Discover the incredible variety of commercial and artisan coffee outlets that Paris has to offer and check in with us…our rooms provide the perfect balance for rest and play…of course the ratio of that balance is entirely up to you.

Here’s some of Paris’ cafe culture hot spots:


La Caféothèque 

The very place where the coffee revolution of Paris kicked off 7 years ago! Located next to an extremely artsy area of the city, this cafe gets a great cosmopolitan crowd through its doors, whilst also attracting hoards of tourists through its picture perfect views of the River Seine!

This cafe is certainly more impressive on the inside than its exterior might suggest, and possesses an extremely intimated, salon-like, feel that’s inviting to both regulars and first time visitors.

The perfect place to enjoy a strong Americano, and dig your teeth into a book…


Situated in the Galarie Lafayette, thinks for those who love their coffee and are prone to a bit of coffee snobbery…this is the place for you because they really take pride in their coffee. Yes, in recent years the Parisians have taken to Starbucks like a duck to water but the real coffee lover will appreciate the Cullier cafe depth of flavour and richness.

Cafe Aouba

This place is first on the map when it comes to foodie enthusiasts. It’s got everything from a fair trade hot chocolate machine to a bijou espresso machine. Those who are seeking chic designer decor may want to give this one a miss.

Here, it’s all about the coffee! The real centrepiece is the gleaming Faema espresso machine, but words won’t do the coffee it produces justice. It’s a must try.

Fondation Café

A place with Australian foundations; and we all know how much the Aussies love their coffee! Aussie banter + Aussie coffee = a great cafe with a quirky and energetic vibe!

The minimalist, Swedish inspired, dressing inside means you’re attention is constantly on the brilliant coffee being made, that, to their credit has French inspiration I.e. Cafe crèmes, espressos and filters.

The cakes are a dream and we will say now, as keen endorsers of health and lifestyle, this place isn’t good for the hips…yet for the tastebuds it’s incroyable!


Da Zavola

The French really don’t seem to approve of the Italian style of coffee, and appear  allergic of Italian style bars…thank goodness then, that Da Zavola is a gastronomia cafe where you can taste gourmet wines and specialities in order to get that perfect espresso!

This place is worth a trip, simply for the beautiful Victoria Arduino espresso machine, which is the only one in Paris! Bellisimo!

So why not book a few days in Paris and immerse yourself within the beautiful cafe culture. There’s so many unique establishments to explore! Check in with PentaParis and enjoy a wonderful spa after a long day in the city. We love to encourage relaxation and needless to say, you’ll always find good coffee in the pentalounge during your stay!

Visit for hotel availability and room rates.

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