PentaSpotlight: Top 5 UK Family Attractions this Summer

The Summer Holidays are great…at least for kids anyway! 6 weeks (8 if you’re lucky) off school, to do whatever you want, wear whatever you want and ignore the morning alarms (your parents).

However, this summer period isn’t always as idyllic for the parents. Yes, of course it’s great to get some extra time spent with the kids, whilst taking them on excursions and allowing them to experience new things…but yes, we know it can also be draining! There’s only so many times you can go to the local park, and there’s only so many topics to talk about with the other parents!

So, we thought we’d do our best to help you out, offering ideas for great places to take the kids this summer holiday…



Appreciate the fact that you’re still some years away from having to teach your 17 year old child how to drive, and the stress that comes with it…earning one’s driving license from the Lego City Driving School is a rite of passage for any 5 year old! 80 million Lego bricks and 150 acres of fun, this place is a wonderland for children, and the spectacular intricacies may even be enough to impress your ‘adult’ interior design knowledge.

Tip: This place was designed for U10’s and we believe that it only really caters for children that fall in the bracket…but then again, whatever floats your boat.

Thorpe Park

Now, this one isn’t for U10’s…

Have your kids been naughty and need to be taught a bit of a lesson…allow them to give Stealth or Derren Brown’s Ghost Train a bash and that should be punishment enough. Of course we joke, but this is a fantastic, old school, theme park that is guaranteed fun! There’s so much to do, however it can be completed in a day, meaning that the children will certainly sleep that night.

Tip: To avoid the hefty summer holiday queues, we’d get there ahead of the 9.30am opening time!

Both of these amazing resorts are located very close to our brilliant pentahotel in Reading, so if you’re travelling from far and wide, why not stay with us. Our rooms provide the perfect balance of rest & play, however after the day you’ve got in store…you’ll probably just want rest!

Warwick Castle

So many attractions for children are centred on the future…aliens & Doctor Who seem to have taken over! This place offer you the perfect experience to travel back in time (to be fair, another feature of Doctor Who) in a fun and interactive way…in fact no castle in the country caters better for children than this one! As well as the amazing castle itself, you can experience jousting tournaments, trebuchet launches and the tricky Horrible Histories Maze!

Tip: Amazing for all ages and a real family day out…However The Dungeon Experience is not for the faint-hearted!

This medieval masterpiece is only 30 mins from our pentahotel in Birmingham, so if you’re looking for somewhere to relax after a long day of battle re-enactments, check-in with us! You’ll be anything but bored…

Loch Ness

This is an amazing place to visit...Keep and eye out for Nessie!
This is an amazing place to visit…Remember to keep and eye out for Nessie!

Now this one you’ll all have heard of! It’s a little more outdoorsy, and so will get some fresh air into the lungs of your kids! It’s an amazing walk around the Loch, with incredible backdrops and visuals…Just remember to do the odd, ‘What was that!’ Whilst pointing to the Loch, so the dream of Nessie stays alive!

Tip: Nessie does exist…so keep the kids close at all times.

The Scottish Highlands are well worth a visit, especially Loch Ness, so why not make a trip out of it and stay with us in Inverness! The pentalounge is the perfect place to chill after a long day of walking outdoors.

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village
An amazing day out for the family that’ll teach the kids not to take the internet for granted…

This is an amazing, experiential, day out for all your family…and you can bring your dog! Enjoy unlimited trips on the trams and explore a quaint little village…It’s almost as if you’ve stumbled upon a small town that was never hit by technological advancements, or the internet; and it’s amazingly refreshing.

Tip: Take the gadgets from your kids and let them revel in the past…they may not want them back!

Warrington is only a short drive away, so come and stay with us at our pentahotel…our chic and stylish interior will bring you back to the future!

Visit for hotel availability and room rates for your 2016 holiday destination.

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