PentaBuzz: The Largest Arts Festival in the World, Edinburgh

Scotland is such a wonderful place to be during the summer months…when you’re treated to splendid sunny weather, the highlands is an amazing place to reflect and take in the breath-taking scenery…it offers a tranquil escape.

The shores of Loch Ness and the hills that surround offer an air of peacefulness and serenity that allow you to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, and embrace the moment that you’re in. Although it may sound clichéd, it’s an experience like no other!

Loch Ness
Loch Ness is an extremely tranquil place to go on holiday…

Check-in to our pentahotel in Inverness and experience the highlands of Scotland…you’ll be anything but bored.

Yet, in contrast, if you’re seeking a day trip to a city, where hustle and bustle is guaranteed and an incredible cosmopolitan vibe essential, then a day trip to Edinburgh during the famous Fringe Festival (5-29 August) is a must…

A street entertainer performs on Edinburgh's Royal Mile...
A street entertainer performs on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile…

It’s an amazingly vibrant festival that offers something for everyone…a day trip to the fringe can be extremely fulfilling and entertaining, offering acts within music, comedy and the contemporary arts; but what should you go and see..?

Here’s our top picks!

Shakespeare for Breakfast

Get your Fringe Festival experience off to a flyer with this bizarre combination of banterful comedy inspired by the works of Shakespeare, alongside croissants and coffee – it’s a real Shakesperience. Enjoy a journey through the works of Britain’s most famous playwright, alongside your coffee and French pastry, within a comical environment…just be careful not to spill any down yourself; you’ve got a long day ahead.

Starman – Steve Ratzke

This fitting tribute to the late, great, David Bowie is a fantastic show…

Everyone with an interest of pop music was touched and saddened by the passing of the late, great, David Bowie…this is an act that provides an amazing ensemble of seventies glam rock, combined with some intimate moments that celebrate the works of Bowie. Ratzke and his 3-man band provide oodles of entertainment with style and flair – a great spectacle.

Burnistoun Live – Iain Connell and Robert Florence

This show went down extremely well on the TV screens and stages of Scotland…it offers a rather hilarious brand of ‘shouty’ comedy to the festival, as well as a genuine insight into original Scottish humour. Its writers have previously created characters for renowned shows such as Chewin’ the Fat and The Karen Dunbar Show, so if you’re seeking a ‘belly laugh,’ this is for you.

So? – Daniel Sloss

Daniel Sloss
This guy started out as a teenage sensation…now only 25 he’s gained international recognition…

This guy is regarded as one of the best around…internationally acclaimed and certified funny man, we just know his show will have you in stitches! Described by the Sunday Times as ‘Brilliantly Dark and Razor Sharp,’ this is not a show to be missed. With guest appearances on global shows such as The Late Late Show, his reputation speaks for itself.

Chef: Come Dine With Us

Where food meets the theatre…Peckish?

2 daring chefs compete to serve you up wonderful dishes, whilst combining their chef duties with a casual bit of eye-opening beat-boxing and acrobatics! It’s exactly the kind of cooking act you’d expect to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – food themed Korean b-boying – and it’s wonderfully original and entertaining!

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Military Tatoo
It’s one of the Edinburgh Festival’s true highlights…

This is an annual series of Military tattoos performed by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and International military bands, and display teams on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. It’s an incredible spectacle, that creates an extremely patriotic, and moving, atmosphere. It’s location, Edinburgh Castle, is a spectacular venue and this is one of the really special events during the festival period.

If you fancy travelling from Inverness to Edinburgh for a day trip to the Fringe Festival, you can travel with Megabus for an amazing £29 return ticket!

If you want to experience the Fringe over a couple of days, Haggis Adventures offer a 3 day / 2 night trip to the capital, which includes many shows and a trip to the Military Tattoo for £199.

Visit for hotel availability and room rates for your 2016 holiday destination.

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