PentaBuzz: Sumptuous Summer

Summer is awesome- it’s packed with positivity and pentafun, whether you’re heading on holiday, going to a festival or simply soaking up the sun within your hometown. It’s a time when people make the most of every free second they get, ensuring they’re being either active, social or both. Time with friends and family is seen as sacred, especially when it’s time spent in the sun!

We were thinking, it’s amazing how much of this social activity revolves around food whether you’re enjoying a BBQ in your garden, or a picnic in the local park; what you eat during these social activities almost dictates whether it comes under ‘Summer Fun.’

So, we thought we’d look at your staple summer foods that seem to define the taste of summer; things you can’t go without and are a necessity when enjoying a sociable summer affair.


This just shouts summer...
This just shouts summer…

The Summer essential- whether you’re 8, 18 or 80, you’ll always appreciate a cold Ice-Cream on a hot summers day. There’s something comforting about hearing that extremely annoying jingle of an ice-cream van, it is a typical sound of summer. Nowadays there are so many flavours and types to choose from but on a scorching summers day, when beer gardens are packed and communal parks filled, can you really beat the classic 99 come- we don’t think so!

The Classic BBQ

The BBQ: the perfect opportunity for men across the world to show how butch they are, as they become the master of the meat. There aren’t many experiences more pleasant than walking through your local neighbourhood and picking up the scent of a BBQ in the air…it’s a typical smell of summer!

Of course, when you throw a BBQ, a half-hearted approach just won’t do. It’s all about going the distance…We’re talking beef burgers, steaks, corn on the cob, coleslaw etc. etc.

At pentahotels, food is a big thing!

The pentalounge plays host to some fabulous treats including an amazing selection of Burgers, Steaks and Pizza.So, if the summer weather should take a turn for the worst and you’re looking for some food under the cover of shelter, come feast with us!

We take pride in our amazing and hearty food offering, and one things for sure, you will not go hungry in the pentalounge. Whether you’re seeking replacement BBQ food in the form of the pentaburger or pentasteak, or fancy something a little different…perhaps a pentapizza? We have it covered!

Check out our menu below…

Availability vares across individual properties, talk to our staff for the best offerings at your hotel
Availability varies across individual properties, talk to our staff for the best available offer at your local pentahotel…


Fruit Salad

Healthy summer picnic with fresh colorful tropical fruit salad served in a bowl on a red and white checked cloth
Healthy summer picnic with fresh colorful tropical fruit salad served in a bowl on a red and white checked cloth

Whether it be in bobbing in the top of a Pimm’s jug, or acting as the centre piece of a picnic on the beach, the fruit salad is always invited to any summer festivities. We all know that summer produces fruit that contains a beautiful depth of flavour. Add a meringue, ice-cream or perhaps whipped cream in there and you have the perfect dessert…Juicy Strawberries submerged in clotted cream – it’s a Wimbledon essential, and who doesn’t associate Wimbledon with summer…?

We want to give a special shout out to : Watermelon, Mango & Pineapple…

Visit for hotel availability and room rates as well as full drinks and food menu available across Europe in the pentalounge.

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