The Best Summer Cocktails…

Summer is all about chilled vibes, sand between the toes and a cold drink in hand…and what better drink than a summer infused cocktail.

Most of our hotels locations are located in the city but if you were on a white sand beach, with a beautiful sunset on the horizon, which cocktail would you choose?

Well, in our Paris pentahotel, Mojitos are known to be very popular. The citrus fruits, minty freshness and subtle sweetness all blend together to create a wonderful summery flavour.  If you’d be one to order this famous white rum based cocktail, then we’d say in the words of the Spice Girls, you’re seeking to spice up your life and let go with a mojito!


For those who have endured a manic working week (and only reached Wednesday) The Cosmo is the cocktail for you. Not only does its name somewhat fit your current surroundings, but the intense citrus flavours, mixed with the freshness of the cranberry juice will provide you with the little kick you need to get through those last two days. It’s classy, it’s sophisticated and it’s summer in the city. Just watch out for those glasses if you have a couple…they’re designed for spillage!


Yet, what if you want something with a little fizz and by fizz of course we mean champagne! The French 75 (Soixante Quinze to the French) is a wonderfully punchy, champagne based cocktail that really endorses familiar tastes of summer. Now, champagne is usually enjoyed during times of celebration and this cocktail certainly fits that bill. It was named the 75 due to it containing such a kick from the Gin, Champagne, Lemon Juice and sugar combo, that when you drink it, you feel like you’ve been shelled by the French 75mm field gun…we promise you the drinking experience is one of great pleasure, But there is an ooomph!

French 75

Last but not least, when you’re searching for a little sip of summer, you can never go wrong with a Peach Melba Mimosa…and no we’re not saying revert to a dessert.

This is another champagne infused cocktail, but what the heck, champagne is definitely back in this summer! This little gem, containing sweet berries, peaches and just enough bubbly for a sharp crisp taste, is perfect for a drink during sunset within a courtyard bar.

Why not get one of the pentalounge bar guys to make one of these fabulous champagne cocktails for you. Our partner Champagne, Papis Loveday Champagne, acts as a great foundation for cocktails!

At pentahotels we offer guests a vast range of cocktails and at a night out spent in one of our pentalounges you’ll be anything but bored…


Visit for hotel availability and room rates as well as full drinks and food menu available across Europe in the pentalounge.


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