PentaSpotlight: Pen Mill Barge Race

16th July 2016 sees the 55th Pin Mill Barge Race take place, hosted by the Pin Mill Sailing Club…for many British sailors this is the pinnacle of their season and so the competition offers a blend of friendliness and ferocity. Bloody good show! 

If you fancy jumping ship and trying something new, we’d say this is definitely worth checking out! In fact, why not check it out, before checking in with us at our pentahotel in Ipswich…Our stylish rooms offer the perfect balance for rest and play after a long hard day on the water.

So, what actually goes on?

Like many popular races the start is renowned for being the most tense and exhilarating part of the event…20 or so large vessels attempting to out-manoeuvre each other in close proximity…what could go wrong?

Well, when we chuck into the equation the fact that each barge is allowed to carry up to 12 passengers of the general public, so’s to offer them a sailing experience (granted it’s paid for), things get slightly more interesting – and probably entertaining for those spectators who have their feet firmly planted on dry land.

What’s more, any use of an engine will result in immediate disqualification, so the Skippers and their crew rely completely on the elements and their particular sets of skills…skills that can make them a nightmare for people like their opposition.

This is an event that certainly draws the crowds to Ipswich, as those partial to a spot of sailing, enjoy a fantastic day out on the water before slipping out of the wet clothes and into a dry martini, or a drink of some sort.

If that drink turns into drinks, why not retire back to our pentalounge…it’s chic and vibrant atmosphere offers pentapeople with a brilliant social environment – what’s more, it’s open 24-7 should you wish to party into the early hours…

Visit for hotel availability and room rates

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