PentaBuzz: World Bodypainting Festival

It’s official, the world bodypainting festival starts today…

You may be thinking, what on earth is that? Well good question; luckily we’re here to answer it!

Before 1998 Bodypainting wasn’t really a thing…yet Alex Barendregt believed in the concept so much that he established the World Bobdypainting Festival in 1998.

It’s a fantastic idea that challenges the notion of insecurities surrounding the body. During this festival, new body forms are created in a positive and imaginative way through art, and so instead of humans going to see art; humans are the art.

The vibrancy and brightness of the colours creates a mesmerising spectacle...
The vibrancy and brightness of the colours a mesmerising spectacle…

The first thing we can tell you is that this year’s theme is Bodies & Beats…it is hands down one of the most bizarre but brilliant art festivals in the world that seeks to celebrate the body as an art form!

The event is an art lover’s dream, and anyone seeking to add a little more colour to their lives should jump on a plane to Austira a.s.a.p. It sees practically nude models morph into canvases, as innovative and masters of art lay artistic siege to their model’s body, creating human masterpieces.

Around 30,000 visitors descended upon last years event to watch artists compete in various categories, such as brush, sponge, UV and special effects…If you’re into rather extreme branches of art, then this festival is for you!

This festival showcases all kinds of techniques, from brushes to sponges and UV...
This festival showcases all kinds of techniques, from brushes to sponges and UV…

What makes the event that little bit more special is that musical artists from around the globe are invited to showcase their ability to.

The incredible human exhibitions, model designs that are drawn from inspirations such as chameleons and birds of paradise…we don’t quite get it either but the art it produces is so amazing and contemporary!

It’s a festival that blends elements such as body art, art, music and lifestyle into one smooth formula…a formula that promotes positivity and happiness!

Of course, this looks like a rather rowdy affair…that’s for sure. So, if you feel like you need to recover before jetting off, why not join us in the gorgeous city of Vienna…our brilliant hotel provides the perfect balance of rest and play.

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