PentaSpotlight: Scottish Highland Games Season

It’s official, we’ve hit summer!

In many of our hotel locations this means a rise in temperatures, lots of sun, an increase in tourists and a general summer vibe; things are a little different up at pentaInverness!

The Scottish weather is rather unpredictable to say the least…so instead of donning the boardshorts and bikinis, a large emphasis is placed on the traditional Highland Games season, which celebrates Scottish and Celtic culture and feature many different physical tests, an array of tartan and lots of Scottish delicacies!

Each individual event has its own elected chieftain, who declares the games open and assists in the handing out of prizes to tournament winners.

If you’re thinking about heading to the Inverness Highland Games on 16th July, our pentahotel is the perfect basecamp and offer you a bonnie balance of rest and play. What’s more, if you’re an aspiring competitor, we provide an incredibly substantial breakfast spread that will set you up perfectly for the day ahead!

So, here’s our guide to Highland Games Season…

What’s on Show..?


When it comes to the Highland Games, the sport involved mainly surrounds brute strength…none of this ‘Suns out guns out,’ it’s more about launching boulders (Stone putt) or tossing tree trunks (tossing the caber) – basically drink, eat, throw, repeat!

Tossing the Caber...If you can do this, then you can certainly call yourself a man!
Tossing the Caber…If you can do this, then you can certainly call yourself a man!

Of course, other, more generic events take place, such as running and cycling races, however for us, the Highland Games is special because of the unique and traditional sports on show.

In true Scottish style, the contenders wear kilts and embrace their Scottish heritage, which is great to see. Although some of them may not possess the physique of a Nikki Beach sun-worshipper, the Scot’s skills are majorly impressive, and their strength enviable.

Highland Dancing & Pipe Band

Another major aspect of the highland games is Scottish Country Dancing and the traditional pipe band.

Pipe band
This very unique battle of the bands just screams Scottish pride!

There’s not many musical notes that are more recognisable, and to some extent moving, than the sound of the bagpipes…spectators and competitors will travel from all across the globe to watch the Highland Game’s Pipe Band competitions; it’s a truly marvellous occasion when you witness this rather unique battle of the bands…

Pipe bands often also join together and perform renditions of classics such as Highland Cathedral and Amazing Grace…It’s a really special occasion that massively endorses national pride.

Food & Drink

Due to the games signifying a celebration of all things Scottish, you’ll likely find a wide array of local food and drink suppliers that offer sumptuous and fresh Scottish delicacies. We’re talking everything from Whisky and Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers, to shortbread and bovril. Feast on these fantastic foods whilst you watch the butch Scottish men endeavour to be crowned Champion of the games!


One thing’s for sure, at any highland games event, the drinks will be flowing and we can assure you, those Scots know how to party. Brigadoon!

Make the most of your time in the beautifully picturesque Scottish Highlands
Make the most of your time in the beautifully picturesque Scottish Highlands

If you’re attending a Highland Games near the beautifully picturesque Inverness, why not check-in with us? Our pentalounge is open 24-7 so you can keep the party going back at the hotel, and as the games usually take place on a Saturday, you won’t need to worry about rushing out of bed, as we offer 3pm check out on Sundays!

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