PentaBuzz: Where to go when the Sun sets in Shanghai

Once labelled the Paris of the East, Shanghai has definitely outgrown that nickname and now stands proudly on its own as one of the world leaders in fashion, culture and nightlife…Visit these awesome venues that epitomsie the Shanghainese revolution.

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Glamour Bar:

You can sort of guess what kind of venue this place is…Inspired by an image of a shoe in a fashion magazine, this stylish and elegant bar often hosts many of Shanghai’s fashion elite. When it comes to this place it’s all about cocktails, cocktails, cocktails, and after 7 years of booming business, they seem to have just about nailed it. Perhaps not the ideal venue for everyone, but if you’re after a bit of celeb spotting, whilst sipping on a signature cocktail, this place is bae!

Glamour Bar
Elegant and chic…this place was built for the Gods of fashion…

Senator Saloon:

This unmarked bar, situated on a quiet tree-lined street, is extremely unassuming and will see many people walk straight past it without even realising. However, do so on your own poor judgement because this place is cool! The epitome of an American styled speakeasy, where the low tin ceilings and tiled walls create an extremely exclusive vibe! What’s more, they offer drinks traditionally found in American speakeasies, such as the refreshing Lemon-Limey. A hidden gem, just waiting to be found.

Shanghai Saloon
A hidden gem, just waiting to be found…


Now, where the previous bar was understated with its exterior, this place couldn’t be more different. Flair by name and flair by nature – it has oodles of it in fact! It’s a venue that really possesses the WOW factor, and we think you’ll see why from the image. It’s the highest outdoor bar in Shanghai, looking over the iconic Bund…there can’t be many better locations in this city to enjoy a beautiful vodka based cocktail, of which they have plenty. What can we say but high-rise style…

flair bar shanghai
This is proper high-rise style…

Bar Rouge:

Now this is nightlife with the cherry on top…If you’re seeking to embrace a cocktail of Shanghainese nightlife, Bar Rouge will provide the key ingredient. The decor that mixes contemporary styles with ancient Chinese design, is striking. Once again, a fashion followers hotspot, this place offers its guests with the chance to admire the magnificent Shanghai skyline with a perfectly blended cocktail in hand…Shaken or stirred, this place would make James Bond’s hair stand on end.

Bar Rouge
Sumptuous cocktail with a skyline view? Yes Please!

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Fly China Eastern direct to Shanghai from London Heathrow with flights available from £315. Emirates have flights from Frankfurt with one stop in Dubai, available from £408.

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