PentaSpotlight: The Perfect Day in Liege

This city is spectacular in so many ways and we just love it! Situated in the valley of the Meuse River, Liege may not be the obvious location for a weekend getaway, however don’t let that put you off.

This place has so much to offer…visit the historic sites in the morning, before enjoying a wonderful shopping trip at Mediacite in the afternoon. If you’re not worn out by then, and you’re in the mood to party then you’re going to want to visit Le Carre…

Use our penthotel, located in the heart of the burning city, as your basecamp and enjoy your adventure within one of Belgium’s most historic cities. We’re only 2km away from the railway station and 13km from the airport…at pentahotels, we insist that being a guest should be effortless!

The Sites

So it’s sightseeing that you want to do…

Liege is packed to the rafters in history and heritage; and as a result contains hundreds of amazing buildings…Of course, it’s not just the buildings that are important but the history behind them. And so, we recommend you take a look at Eglise St Jacques and Montague de Bueren.

This incredible church has a stunning interior…You could spend hours here.

St Jacques is a magnificent church that brilliantly demonstrates the city’s cultural and historic characteristics through its gothic design. Stand and admire…it’s a must see!

Montague de Bueren is a set of 374 stairs within Liege and was voted the Huffington Post’s #1 most extreme staircase in 2013…but you don’t come here for the extremity of the staircase. No, it’s the incredible views, whether you’re at the top looking down on the city, or at the foot looking up to the summit, it may take your breath away…in more ways than one.

The Shopping

For shopping in Liege, there’s only one place to go…Mediacite.

This will offer a huge contrast to the historic sites that we mentioned above. The shopping mall has a chic and futuristic architecture that is in sync with the ‘on trend,’ clothing and apparel that is on offer…Even if you don’t want to shop til you drop, this place has a great range of restaurants and is a cool hangout joint.

The Nightlife

Put simply, Le Carre is at the heart of the Liege nightlife and it is the place to be. A 3 street area that boasts an incredible collection of bars, restaurants and clubs…nothing else. Oh, and an amazing vibrant bunch of people that are in the mood to party!

This three-street crossing offer tourists and the Liege public with a diverse range of up-market and student orientated venues. If you’re looking for a pub crawl in Europe, get to Le Carre!

Don’t worry if you decide to go big at Le Carre…you can feed the hangover! At #pentahotels we have an amazingly diverse offering at breakfast, which is served until 10am daily and 10.30am on a Sunday! How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Discover pentahotels…you’ll be anything but bored!


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