PentaSpotlight: Beijing

8 years on from hosting an Olympic Games that could be labelled‘The Greatest Sporting Show on Earth,’ Beijing has continued to thrive and evolve into one of the world’s most influential and metropolitan cities.

The Chinese capital is unarguably one of the most visited places in the world due to its abundance of fascinating and renowned attractions…our list for this city could be endless!

Yet, as we all sadly know, holiday’s aren’t endless and so if you’re only in this wonderful city for a short period of time, you want to do it right. Step one, check-in to our amazing pentahotel in Beijing, where guests are provided with the perfect balance of rest and play…

Secondly, here’s some places we suggest you visit…

The Forbidden City (The Imperial Palace)

This is a city that has developed at an astonishing rate of knots. Yet, Beijing also has an incredible past…so why not start at the very beginning and experience a trip back in time.

250 acres, 9000 rooms in the Imperial palace...Tell us you're not intrigued.
250 acres, 9000 rooms in the Imperial palace…Tell us you’re not intrigued.

9000 rooms and 259 acres of land…Beijing doesn’t mess around when it comes to architecture and construction! It’s time to leave the stylish heels at the pentahotel and don the Nikes, as you’re guaranteed to be doing a lot of walking. Amazingly, amongst all the palace’s spell binding history, there exists a Starbucks for those who require a caffeine hit – They really do think of everything!

If that’s not enough history for you, how about an amble down the Great Wall of China..? A picture can speak a thousand words.

Beijing Great Wall
This mind-blowing ancient wall stretches for over an incredible 13,000 miles…

Olympic Stadium (Bird’s Nest)

This incredibly contemporary structure was the centre-piece of the Beijing Olympics and consistently continues to wow people with its obscurity and size…if it’s good enough for Usain Bolt then it’s good enough for the rest of us. Re-live that special moment when Bolt won his first ever Olympic gold…it’s the perfect place to get you in the mood for Rio 2016!

When the Sun sets and the moon rises, Beijing really comes alive…Here’s a couple of venues that are on fleek and becoming more and more popular amongst both locals and tourists.


This incredible area oozes vibrancy and fun. It is situated under a backdrop of Chinese styled architecture and wraps around an expansive lake in the Xicheng District. Here you’ll find many fantastic eateries and bars that provide a brilliant location to kick-start the night…

Houhai refers to a lake and its surrounding neighborhood...
Houhai refers to a lake and its surrounding neighborhood…

The Slow Boat Brewery

Round off a day in Beijing with a visit to the Slow Boat Brewery; Beijing’s first craft beer producer! Indulge in the finest ales that Beijing has to offer within a venue that challenges the way people perceive Chinese beer…This place is all about pushing boundaries and embracing contemporary aspects of Beijing culture!

The best place to experience Beijing' Craft Beer revolution first hand...
The best place to experience Beijing’ Craft Beer revolution first hand…

There’s no denying Beijing is extremely fast-paced and metropolitan…but if you think you’ll struggle to keep up don’t worry, as the pentarooms are extremely chic in style and provide comfort by the bucket load.

After a long day in the city, our stylish rooms will provide you with great comfort...
After a long day in the city, our stylish rooms will provide you with great comfort…

Discover pentahotels…you’ll be anything but bored!

You can fly direct to Beijing from London Heathrow with Air China from £449 or from Frankfurt with Lufthansa for £470. Hainan Airlines offer direct flights from Berlin Tegel from £715.

Visit for routes and flight prices.

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