PentaSpotlight: Chemnitz

Chemnitz is known as the German city of modernity…once a place dominated by grey infrastructure that gave the city a rather unattractive face, it’s now a living endorsement of many of Germany’s finest architects and epitomises ‘Classical Modernism.’

I.e. It’s a haven of contemporary culture that now demands attention.

So, when visiting, what aspects of the city fall under the label of must see?


From a vast landscape of museums to a city art gallery with a mouth-watering collection, Chemnitz is a capital of culture.

In fact you could put aside weeks and still not have seen all it has to offer. However if we had to name one spot to check out, it would be Theatre Square.

Within this iconic square you’ll see the Opera House, the Royal Albert Museum and St. Peter’s Church. It is one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles within the city and it’s here where you’re most likely to get your dose of the arts.

This is a wonderful cultural hub that endorses the city's love of the arts
This is a wonderful cultural hub that endorses the city’s love of the arts…

The most impressive of the three buildings, the Chemnitz Opera House, offers a wide range for all ages and audiences from classical to modern opera, operetta and musicals.

The incredible Chemnitz Opera's seen many wonderful performances grace its stage
The incredible Chemnitz Opera House has seen many wonderful performances grace its stage…

If you decide to go and watch some mind-blowing opera or enjoy a sing-along with a musical, don’t feel you have to stop post-show! The pentalounge is open 24/7 so you can sing your heart out and make it a night to remember…

Sing your heart out and dance the night away...
Sing your heart out and dance the night away in the Chemnitz pentalounge…

The Petrified Forest

This is something you definitely don’t see every day…proper David Attenborough style.

Dating back about 291 million years, these stone trees can coarsely be described as primeval plants…

Held at DAStietz, which combines the Museum of Natural History, Natural Science and other museums; The Petrified Forest creates what’s almost a pre-historic botanical garden. It’s a surreal experience that exudes a rather haunting feel…yet tourists and locals alike, are fascinated by what they see.


Speed Demons and Adrenaline Junkies, this one’s for you:

This motorcycle track, situated just outside Chemnitz, is a brilliantly designed, high speed track that plays host to the German Moto Grand Prix…

An adrenaline junky's haven...high speed racing with knees brushing the track at every corner. Wow!
An adrenaline junkies haven…high speed racing with knees brushing the track at every corner…Wow!

This year’s event takes place from 14th – 17th July and will see the likes of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, taking on the track’s extremely tight corners at incredible speeds.

If you’re a sports fan who thrives on excitement, or want to witness a spectacular atmosphere and daredevil activity then it’s a must.

However if it all gets a bit much and you feel your heart needs to stop racing, why not check into our #pentahotel in Chemnitz, where you’ll be encouraged to sit back, relax and rediscover your Zen. We’ve got thebalance of rest and play just right.

Discover pentahotels, you’ll be anything but bored.

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