PentaSpotlight: Brussels

Brussels is packed with amazing activities to experience and sights to take in…it’s a paradise for tourists and #pentapeople.

When you think of Brussels, we want you to think fun; accompanied by a host of chocolate and beer. After all, that’s what getting away is all about, indulging in the things you wouldn’t normally do!

But where to go whilst you’re there…that is the question? All we’ll say is make sure you try the ABC of Brussels…

is for architecture

Grand Place

This beautiful market square is the main tourist attraction in Brussels with its cobbled, medieval look that really gives you an idea of the city’s cultural heritage. Just look at those beautiful flowers! From March to October there’s an incredible daily flower market that really adds to the vibrancy of the city during Summer. What’s more, if you’re a coffee connoisseur or a fan of café culture, this is the place for you.

One of Brussel's most iconic landmarks, this place is incredible whatever the season...
One of Brussel’s most iconic landmarks, this place is incredible whatever the season…

is for Beer

For the love of beer…

Just like any other city, there are many commercialised beers on tap that sell by the barrel during peak season…but we feel in order for you to really get into the Belgian spirit, you should take the path of the local and venture deeper into this city’s beer scene. There are particular cafes and bars set up across Brussels that specifically only sell the most refined Belgian beers…bottoms up!

Dig just that little bit deeper to discover the real taste of Brussels...
Dig just that little bit deeper to discover the real taste of Brussels…

However if you really want to know the history then check-out the Belgian Brewers museum…it ends with a free tasting!

is for Chocolate

The Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

They say learning about and trying the chocolates of Belgium is something of a must when visiting Brussels – and we’d agree. Enjoy a tour of some of Belgium’s most delectable Chocolate shops and gain an insight into the rich culinary culture of Brussel’s chocolatiers; They even invite you to indulge in pleasuring your palate with chocolate that really is to die for.

And if that’s not enough, you get to experience a 45 minute chocolate workshop accompanied by a specialist. #MMmmm

So if you do decide to visit the Belgian capital, why not stay in style at the #pentahotel, where customers are presented with rooms that offer the perfect platform from which to rest and play…

There’s also a #pentahotel located near the Airport, which is perfect for business commuters going in and out of the city.

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