PentaSpotlight: Berlin

We just love this city!

The German capital has such a diverse offering for its tourists; whether you’re an art lover, history enthusiast, or a raging sports fan, this city caters for all – and if that’s not enough, this place also has a rocking nightlife…these guys know how to party!

So, whilst there, here’s what we’d recommend you go and see…of course, there’s no need to worry about accommodation. With two nearby #pentahotels you’re spoilt for choice…

Checkpoint Charlie

You don’t have to be a historian to know about the struggles that Germany, and particularly Berlin, endured from 1960-90…and at the centre of the nation’s troubles was of course the Berlin Wall. It’s an iconic structure separated East and West Berlin, designed to stop the spread of fascism.

The East Side Gallery tells many individual tales of Berlin's struggles...
The East Side Gallery tells many individual tales of Berlin’s struggles…

Now, although much of it has been demolished, there remains Checkpoint Charlie, which was a significant garrison and border control post. You can walk along a remaining section of the wall and see some of the original graffiti and art at the East side gallery. It’s a rather humbling sight…

Brandenburg Gate

This doesn’t really need much of an introduction…they say a picture can speak a thousand words and so we’ll leave you to marvel in the beauty of this amazing structure.

One of Germany's most famous building's...and you can see why
One of Germany’s most famous building’s…and you can see why

The gate is the monumental entry to Unter den Linden, a renowned boulevard of Linden trees that led to the city’s royal palace. It’s one of those sites that’s twice as amazing for the naked eye.

What to do at night time…

When it comes to Berlin’s nightlife, it’s often labelled as 48 hours you may not remember…of course it depends how hard you go (we’ll leave that up to you).

Whatever your plans we highly recommend you check out Prater Garten, a beer lover’s paradise. Located in the buzzing district, Prenzlauer Berg, this beer garden can host up to a thousand beer guzzlers and offers a tranquil and chilled vibe in which to sip on their wide array of house brews. It’s a great place for a spot of day drinking, or it can be used as a warm up for what’s to follow…

If you’re looking to end the holiday in style, and by that we mean a ‘biggy’, Berghain is the place to go. Put simply, Berghain is a massive labyrinth of metal and concrete that showcases some of the world’s best electronic music. It’s attendees party away the night in a rather hedonistic style…but it’s truly great fun. The one issue is that this can’t really come under nightlife as the clubbers party way past dawn.

1 rule. No cameras. What happens in Berghain, stays in Berghain.

Now, if you do decide to head out for a biggy, there’s no need to panic…spend the morning in bed and enjoy a lie-in, we have a fantastic check-out time of 3pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Discover for yourself the perfect harmony of Berlin’s urban buzz and dynamic nightlife by booking with pentahotels.

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