PentaSpotlight: Vienna

The Austrian capital is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, possessing an artistic legacy shaped by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. It also boasts an incredibly chic and diverse architecture, featuring buildings such as the Belvedere Palace that you may recognise from the front of a Vodka bottle.

It’s a city that will have you in the palm of its hand when you’ve barely scratched the surface but we highly advise you allow yourself to be wooed by its charm and historic and contemporary culture.

So when playing tourist in this spectacular city, here’s some places we recommend you visit…

Palace Schönbrunn

This is an incredible building that depicts Vienna’s wonderful baroque heritage and is one of the most iconic and monumental buildings in Austria. When in Vienna, it’s a must see. Why not go all out and enjoy the full regal experience: a wonderful 3 course meal of Austrian cuisine followed by a night in the palace orangery, listening to the works of Mozart and Beethoven. We’re certain it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

This Palace is incredible. It’s so beautiful it almost looks like a painting…


This amazing park is an oasis that offers an abundance of opportunities for visitors. As well as the iconic Ferris wheel that’s positioned at the heart of the park, there are over 250 attractions that cater for all ages, including the old imperial hunting ground, which is a picturesque area in which to stretch your legs. Amazingly, amongst the hustle and bustle of the tourists and fairground go-ers there’s an element of tranquillity to the Prater…

Kunsthistorisches Museum

This is a city that boasts a rich art history much of which is portrayed through the works presented in the museum. This is one of the world’s great art collections and it’s housed within yet another incredible building – The Viennese certainly know their brick and mortar. Looking for the great names? Raphael, Titian, Holbein, Goya, Rubens – they’re all there and many more. Caution: Kids attention spans may waver…

The paintings inside are as amazing as the exterior architecture of this building...
The paintings inside are as amazing as the exterior architecture of this building…

Vienna Nightlife: Flex

Right, we’ve gone through some of the formalities and the historic sites; now let’s shake things up a little. The Danube is a world river renowned that flows through the city centre and on the Danube Canal, you’ll find the city’s emerging electronic music scene and energetic nightlife. The clubs are chic and trendy and contain high quality music of varying genres – none more so than the world renowned Flex nightclub that provides a wide range of tunes that can satisfy all tastes…a great way to end a night.

This city has a lively nightlife and a fast-emerging electronic music scene...
This city has a lively nightlife and a fast-emerging electronic music scene…

We’d suggest perhaps embracing the nightlife in one of your final nights so you’ve got the energy to explore this amazing city, but if you get the urge earlier than expected, the pentalounge is a great place to chill-out and recover the following day.

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