PentaBuzz: Shanghai

This city is awesome; it’s so brilliantly unique and a hybrid of Eastern and Western socio-economic traditions that is constantly innovating and growing. No other Chinese city is quite like it and it’s for that reason that it welcomes major sporting events, such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix Series.

Yes, Beijing hosts many events itself but these often come with an underlying (or not so underlying) political message, leaving Shanghai with the social events that come hand in hand with fun and glamour; hence why there’s a #pentahotel there.

This weekend will see the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel infiltrate Shanghai, along with their huge entourages and gigantic fan base… at these times the city is buzzing. Glamourous events, parties packed to the rafters with celebrities and huge celebrations are just another component of the F1 setup and so this weekend is set to be a pulsating one within the Chinese city.

If you’re attending the racing or its surrounding parties (lucky you) and are in need of a little relaxation before or after a host of partying, come join us in the pentalounge to put your feet up within a chilled environment.

The event itself is an enthralling high speed race, around an unforgiving track that requires the world’s best drivers to navigate its numerous hairpin corners. In other words it’s an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. This weekend, the sporting spotlight will very much be fixed on Shanghai.

So, as well as hosting one of the world’s most prestigious races, what Else makes Shanghai so unique..?

The Bund

Just like New York, the Shanghai skyline is incredible, Ft. 241 skyscrapers, which is 103 more than the new mainland Chinese city, Guangzhou! The Bund, located on the west bank waterfront of the Huangpu River is a pocket of the west within the city, yet critically, you still feel like you’re far enough away from Europe and the US whilst revelling in the jungle of cloud grazers.

Shanghai is a city that really comes alive at night...We suggest you check it out for yourself
Shanghai is a city that really comes alive at night…We suggest you check it out for yourself


Even during the harshest period of the Communist era within China, the Shanghainese were walking advertisements of Western fashion and concepts meaning that many of them looked to stick the proverbial middle finger up at their Mao.

We’re currently in the middle of Shanghai Fashion Week, an event that was initially a chance for homegrown talents to showcase their work. Now, it attracts many major brands, including pentauniform designers, Diesel, who seek Eastern business and partnerships. Chinese fashion is on fleek and Shanghai is at the centre of this innovation.


As well as the Grand Prix, Shanghai hosts an annual ATP Tennis Masters tournament that attracts all the best players in the world. Once again, it’s another occasion that encourages many celebrities and sports stars to jet into Shanghai for a week of top quality sport and stylish events.

The Shanghai Tennis Masters is just one of the illustrious sporting events that Shanghai hosts...
The Shanghai Tennis Masters is just one of the illustrious sporting events that Shanghai hosts…

And to finish, last year the city welcomed the 6th ever Disneyland…All we’ll say is you know you’re a globally recognised Metropolis when Mickey comes to town. And stays.

It’s the fastest growing city in the world…Discover it for yourself with pentahotels. If you haven’t already worn yourself out navigating through the city, you can get a morning or evening sweat on in the Shanghai pentagym.

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Fly China Eastern direct to Shanghai from London Heathrow with flights available from £315. Emirates have flights from Frankfurt with one stop in Dubai, available from £408.

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