PentaSpotlight: Leipzig

Leipzig1If you’re planning on making a trip to Leipzig anytime soon, we thought we’d help you out with what to do whilst you’re there – don’t worry we won’t make you walk too far but if we do, there’s always our place of relaxation and pleasure, the pentalounge.

Leipzig Zoological Garden

Where: Pfaffendorfer Str. 29

This enclosed zoological garden is an amazing spectacle...
The zoo’s enclosed zoological garden is an amazing spectacle…

Described as one of the best modern zoos in Germany, Leipzig Zoo is a perfect place to visit at the weekend. With 6 exciting theme worlds that segment a wide variety of the globes animals and species into their native countries, you can spend hours here. From Leopard to Giraffes, Sharks to Flamingos, there aren’t many animals this place hasn’t got. What’s more it’s open 365 days of the year and it’s somewhere you and visit whatever the weather.

The Bach Museum

Where: Thomaskirchhof 15/16

Learn more about one of the world's greatest ever composers
Learn more about one of the world’s greatest ever composers

Music’s original JB: You don’t have to be a classical music enthusiast to recognise the work of Johann Sebastian Bach…this legendary composer lived in Leipzig from 1723 until his death in 1750. Amazingly he apparently couldn’t listen to a classical piece go unfinished and so when he was on his deathbed he heard his son playing on the piano but stop before the piece was finished…So he leapt out of bed and completed it! An extraordinary character whose life is depicted through the museum.

Red Bull Arena

Where: Am Sportforum 3

A fantastic sport's arena and concert venue...
A fantastic sport’s arena and concert venue…

This was a stadium that hosted 5 matches during the 2006 football world cup. It was built in 2004 and so its modern features are extremely state of the art, making it a stylish venue to visit as well as an electrifying football ground. With a capacity of 44,345 it is one of the biggest grounds in Germany and plays host to numerous gigs throughout the year. It’s currently used by RB Leipzig who are next playing at home on the 15th April. The team are currently top of the German 2nd division and so are looking likely to achieve promotion to the first tier of German football.

St Thomas Church

Where:  Thomaskirchhof 18

st thomas church
A beautiful Gothic church and the resting place of Johann Sebastian Bach…

Most famous for being the burial place of Johann Sebastian Bach, this spectacular church is a must see. Not only will you be able to see where the great composer was laid to rest, but the magnificent interior and exterior design of this Gothic church is magnificent. What’s more, with most of the other sights mentioned being fairly modern, this church will give you a better understanding of Leipzig’s heritage and history…

Hauptbahnhof Leipzig

Where: Hauptbahnhof, 04109


Europe's largest railway station is a sight to behold...
Europe’s largest railway station is a sight to behold…

You may have arrived in the city at this station – but we know how it is. No one wants to tour a city and sight-see with luggage in hand and so you probably didn’t even get the chance to take in the chic architecture of Europe’s largest railway station. It’s the reason many tourists (train, plane and automobile enthusiasts first and foremost) visit the city, as it really is an elegant building and a great sight to behold. It has played as a movie backdrop for many films including Obsession (1997) starring Daniel Craig, and Mr Nobody, which included performances from Jared Leto and Diane Kruger.

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