Chinese New Year: All you need to know…

Chinese New Year: All you need to know..

It’s one of the most colourful events in the calendar, when people take to the streets both in China and across the globe.

Unlike western culture festivities, which always take place at midnight between December 31 and January 1, Chinese New Year is a movable celebration.

The 2017 Chinese New Year begins on January 28th. Celebrations will start on January 27th, New Year’s Eve, and continue for around two weeks – ending on February 2 – and the year will last until February 15, 2018.


How to celebrate…

The global celebrations are an explosion of light and sound -involving bell ringing, lighting firecrackers, and watching traditional lion dances. Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year’s Day.

Traditionally, kids would be given red envelopes stuffed with ‘lucky money’ and positive wishes on New Year’s Day but with modern technology some teens now have red envelope apps, so their relatives can transfer cash digitally.

The Chinese Zodiac

Each Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks (or houses) just like its western counterpart, but with the major difference being that each house has a time-length of one year instead of one month. This year it’s the Year of the Rooster, the tenth animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Rooster will be in 2029.


The Personality of the Rooster

People born in the Year of the Rooster are characterised as honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident. But according to Chinese astrology, the year of your sign is believed to be one of the most unlucky years of your life.

The general image of people in this zodiac sign is of always being hardworking, resourceful, confident and talented. In addition, their active, talkative and engaging ways make them popular with people. They are happiest when they are in company, enjoying the spotlight. Although they were born with enviable skills, they still have several shortcomings, such as being seen as vain and arrogant and a tendency to brag about their achievements.


Strengths: healthy, sporty, self-assured

Weaknesses: a little sensitive, stressed, moody

What sign are you?

Your sign is derived from the year you were born in the Chinese lunar calendar. The years below are a rough guide, but if you were born in January or February it may be slightly different as the new year moves between 21 January and February 20.

Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960
Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961
Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962
Rabbit: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963
Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964
Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965
Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966
Sheep: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967
Monkey: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968
Rooster: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969
Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970
Pig: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971


Famous people born under the Rooster sign

Rudyard Kipling, Benjamin Franklin, Prince Philip, Nancy Reagan, Joan Collins, Dolly Parton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Beyonce, Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono.


Working out: On the go..

When it comes to getting in shape, most of us start with the best of intentions but soon struggle to stay motivated. Luckily nowadays help is just a click away, thanks to a wealth of new fitness apps to help you stay on track no matter what your fitness goal.

Today’s smartphones have the ability to be a personal trainer, nutrition coach, tracker, GPS and so much more, all within a frame so svelte you can wear it on an armband.

Whether you want to try yoga or want to get abs, pentahotels offer our guests complimentary use of our fully equipped penta gyms during their stay and in our latest blog we take a look at the best fitness apps you’ll want to download to help you keep active during your travels.

Yonder – free; iOS, Android

Whether you’re already an outdoor adventurer or someone who wants to travel more, Yonder helps you find and share outdoor excursions based on where you are and what interests you most. By tapping on categories ranging from backpacking and biking to skiing and swimming, you can check out local options and read up on what fellow “Yonderers” loved most about each experience. Yonder wants to keep you inspired to engage with nature, so it acts like a social platform, encouraging you to read what others have to say and share your own experiences and photos.


Nike+ Training Club – Free; Android, iOS

The Nike+ Training Club app features workouts designed by professional athletes and celebrities. Workouts focus on strength, endurance, or mobility and offer three levels of difficulty. The app’s audio cues let you focus on the workout instead of the screen; Nike+ Training Club can also be streamed onto a television using Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable. After completing a workout, users can share customized photos or posters with the Nike+ community. The app syncs with Nike+ Run Club to keep track of your runs; you can also manually enter activities such as basketball, gym training, or tennis.

7 Minute Superhero Workout – €3; iOS, Android

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Seriously? Well, now you can be, or at least you can train like one. This quick-hit work out app transforms your usual sit-up, push-up, jog, repeat sessions into something more entertaining. You’re the pilot of an Iron Man-inspired AEGIS One battlesuit and it’s time to train for the upcoming alien attack. Upper cuts become punches to deflect missiles and crunches become energy harvesting to power your suit. Motion-tracking checks your progress and calorie burn and achievements are rewarded as you work through the game to save the world, again.

My Fitness Pal- Free; Android, iOS


Sure, no one likes to be a calorie counter. But with My Fitness Pal you don’t have to be—this app will do it for you. It will do it all for you. Simply create a profile (height, age, weight, gender), and then set weight loss and exercise goals. As you go through the day, enter what you eat and drink using the extensive database—yes, even the little bites you sampled at the street market and the app will calculate how many calories you have consumed: and how many you need to burn to meet your weight loss goals. It also simulates various nutrition charts so that you can track your progress. If you want to document your exercise, there’s an entire database for that, too. The app also balances calorie intake against exercise, making it the ultimate on-the-go fitness tracker.

FitStar Personal Trainer – Basic (free) or Premium (€9.99/month or €49.99year); Android and iOS


FitStar’s Personal Trainer app emphasizes workouts you can do quickly and without a ton of expensive fitnessgear. The app breaks down training into four color-coded workoutstyles: “get lean,” which emphasize cardio; “get strong,” a balance of bodyweight strength-training moves; 10–15-minute “daily dose” workouts; and “freestyle.”

At the core of the app is a patented algorithm that customizes a user’s workouts, so an athlete can move at his own pace and advance as he gets stronger. Rather than solicit a trainer’s opinion, the app adjusts each routine depending on how difficult each exercise is according to how users rate it, from “too easy” to “way more brutal” than expected.

Sworkit- Free, pro £2.29 monthly, Android and iOS


Circuit training is an appealing idea, but for many people compiling a list of exercises to ensure a comprehensive workout is too much like hard work. Fortunately, SWORKIT has oodles of bodyweight exercises built in to the app, with pre-set routines that let you choose whether you want to focus on strength, cardio, yoga or stretching, and which parts of the body, if not all of it, you want to target.

On-screen animations guide you through every step of your workout, which can be set to last from five minutes to an hour. And once you have become a circuit training buff, you can use the exercise bank to build your own session from scratch.

Now you have no excuses not to work out when you visit us at pentahotels: http://www.pentahotels.com


Christmas Party Games

The holiday season is a time of festive gatherings. Hosting a Christmas party means that your family, friends, neighbours and coworkers will all come together under one roof. With the festive celebration already underway across Europe in our pentahotels we thought we could help you get into the festive spirit during your visit.


Sometimes everyone from the different parts of your life can use a little help getting comfortable and chatting with one another, which is why we rounded up fun Christmas Party games to help break the ice….

So, we’ve made our list and checked it wide. Here are our favourite Christmas party games for all the good little boys and girls coming to visit us at pentahotels this holiday season and in the spirit of Christmas make sure you give out prizes for the winners!

1. Ugly Sweater Contest

Perhaps nothing represents the spirit of the holidays more than a classic Christmas sweater b who wears it worse?


Players: As many as you like!

What’s you’ll need: Determine your winner based on who receives the loudest applause and biggest cheer within the group.

How to play: Invite everyone to dress in their best (or worst) holiday sweater and vote on the winner! And what do winners get? Prizes! So make sure you buy them a drink from the bar in the pentalounge!

2. The ABCs of Christmas… 

The General knowledge quiz of Christmas with a twist!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: A pen and paper and luckily for you their is a pen and notepad in every pentaroom!

How to play: Race to see who can get through the alphabet from A-Z with a festive word for each letter.

3. Candy Cane Relay


This game is good for sleepovers, for party night in the pentalounge  and any event where you can get your friends in a circle for a bit of fun.

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Each player will need a candy cane!

How to play: Each player gets a candy cane which they stick in their mouth. The first player gets another cane hooked on the one they already have and they must pass to their teammate without using their hands. The first team to pass the candy cane pass every player wins.

4. Name That Tune…

So, you think you know your Christmas music? If you are a music fan then this music trivia quiz is for you!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Your mobile devise, iPad or music devise and a selection of Christmas tune classics.

How to play: Play five seconds of a Christmas carol and have everyone guess what it was!

5. The 12 days of Christmas


12 shots, 1 song; and prepare yourself for the room spinning violently!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Your favourite Christmas jams, a variety of differing strength spirits.

How to play: Line up 12 different shots – one lot of 12 for each person playing – then allocate each shot to different verse or passage within the Christmas song of your choice. Play the song and for each corresponding part, take the shot relevant to the verse. Continue to play until your neighbours starting knocking on your room door for you to turn the noise down!

6. The Santa Hat Game

Business group people in santa hat at Xmas party.

For your festive gathering with Santa hats!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Get everyone a Christmas hat (you know they’ll secretly love it!)

How to play: Before guest arrive at your party, pin the name of a Christmas character to the top of each one.Ask everyone to put on a hat without peaking at the name. Each person takes their turn asking questions to try to guess their identity.The winner is the first person to guess who he or she is!

Share you moments…

We think that a few games and activities spread throughout your party celebration will put festive fun into your penta party! And remember this festive season to snap some pictures of you and you friends, tag us on social and share your moments with the penta family #pentahotels

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Penta Spotlight: Discovering ‘The Water of Life’

 Discovering ‘The Water of Life’ with pentahotel Inverness


Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast, or simply just a drinks spirit aficionado, a trip to a distillery is guaranteed to leave you in good spirits.

Whisky or ‘Uisge Beatha’ (meaning ‘Water of Life’) as its commonly known by the local highlanders of Scotland has become one of the Scotland’s best exports and Inverness where you’ll find  our only pentahotel property in Scotland is home to some of the best whisky distilleries in the region.

Speyside in the Scottish Highlands is known internationally for famous whisky distilleries  including Glenfiddich, Macallan and Glenlivet to name just a few and with the added bonus of the magnificent scenery around the stunning Inverness region, visitors will be stunned by its dramatic views and beautiful countryside.

Distill 2.jpg

This Autumn pentahotel in Inverness invite you to come and celebrate Scotland’s most famous tipple with our guide to the top 5 whisky distillers in the area.


Founded in 1897, the distillery boasts 12 stills and at one time had the largest capacity of any whisky distillery in the world. Friendly guides will welcome you and talk you through the whole distilling process. Visitor Centre and shop.

Glen Ord Distillery Visitor Centre

Distillery 1.jpg

The MacKenzies of Ord feature largely in the development of the distillery. Thomas MacKenzie of Ord inherited the estate in 1820 and set about rejuvenating the area. He leased land for the distillery to be built, as he envisaged an industry where local men could have all-year round employment. It also gave him a ready market for his barley. The distillery was water-powered by 2 large water wheels driven by water from Loch nam Bonnach and Loch nan Eun. Water for mashing was then taken from the Cuckoo Well and added to the whisky’s distinctive character.


The Glenmorangie Distillery tour gives you unparalleled access to the distillery and warehouses. With the help of an expert guide you will experience all stages of the whisky making process from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturing – all culminating in a dram or two of your choice!


The Aberlour Distillery

Steeped in centuries of legend and surrounded by the dramatic Highland scenery of Ben Rinnes, the village of Aberlour lies at the very heart of Speyside, where the Lour burn joins the River Spey. The exceptionally pure, soft spring water used for making Aberlour whisky is drawn from nearby natural springs.

Glen Moray

At the Glen Moray distillery you can discover the reality of malt whisky distilling. The delight of Glen Moray is that your tour guide could be one of the distillery craftsmen themselves.

The great advantage of this is the authenticity of the introduction – each guide knows the process of whisky making like the back of their hand. So, at Glen Moray, you will gain an unforgettable insight into how water and barley are transformed into ‘the water of life’.


Arrange your visit to the distilleries of the Scottish Highlands when you book your accommodation with pentahotels Inverness. Our team can help you prepare and book your whisky tour around the region or simply serve you the best of what our bar has to offer in the pentalounge.


Shop like a Parisian

Penta Spotlight: Shop like a Parisian


Right now, fashionistas from across the globe are flocking to Paris. Not only is it the Grand Launch party of our pentahotel at Paris, Charles de Galle but it’s Paris Fashion week!

Fashion designers from the city’s houses influence shapes, colours and fabrics season in and season out; this is a city where clothes are deemed as ‘works of art’ and not just garments. The Paris Fashion Week shows themselves might be off-limits to all but there is plenty of style on the streets of the city for anyone visiting the French capital this Autumn.

It’s fair to say that shopping in Paris can be overwhelming but at Pentahotels we consider ourselves to be fashionable and in our latest blog we would like to give you the lowdown on the stores that you can’t miss next time you find yourself along the seine:

1. The Nose, 20 Rue Bachaumont, 75002


This stunning boutique sells every perfume that you could ever want. When you enter the store you are asked by staff to fill out a survey, suitably named “the perfume diagnostic”. You will then receive five fragrance recommendations based on your answer. It’s the ultimate shopping experience for anyone who wants to find their scent.

2. Iglaine, 2 Rue de la Grande Truanderie, 75001

Vintage designer clothes without the expensive price tag. This small store will satisfy all of your luxe vintage needs and as long as your whiling to raid the racks of clothes in the store- you might find yourself the ultimate designer bargain. Vintage Chanel, Lacroix, Saint Laurent and second hand Balmain and Mugler are all to be found. If you’re on a tight budget then this is the your place to find an outfit that looks chic but comes cheap.

3. Carine Gilson Lingerie, 18 Rue de Grenelle, 75007


Here you’ll find the most beautiful, delicate, silky, lace lingerie. After all, you are in France and we believe you should do like the French do: ooze sex appeal! Perhaps this is the shop that you ask your partner if you can borrow their credit card for the day….

4. Babel, 55 Quai de Valmy, 75010

This intimate boutique offers everything from clothing swimwear, accessories, beautiful leather bags, trinkets and gadgets. Everything you find in Babel is French- they have an ethos to support local design and creation. It’s a very quirky store in Paris’s 10th district so if want to channel your inner Parisian look, it’s definitely the store for you…

5. Isabel Marant, 16 Rue de Charonne, 75011


Discover bohemian elegance at Isabel Marant’s Paris concept store. It’s a famous brand famed for its cool, pared-down Parisian vibe. The designs are in vogue, nonchalant and impossibly chic. The brand is most popular for its shoes, which have been worn by Hollywood stars including Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway and Hilary Duff.

Something for the Boys…

WAIT, 9 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003


Sun, sea, surf and a collection of super cool shades can be found in this Parisian chic meets Californian men’s concept store. Summer might be over but the collection of menswear on offer at this funky store are eco-friendly and are made to last! The shop is also home to the world’s first biodegradable sunglasses designed by the stores owners and made entirely of wood. This seasons Autumn/Winter collection also offer the trendy gentlemen out there something to keep them warm in the cold months ahead.

Shopping in central Paris is easy with pentahotels CDG. Transport is very accessible from the hotel to the airport terminals with a free shuttle to/from pentahotels where you will find a frequent bus service to Paris City Centre. Please visit http://www.aeroville.com for details on transits, destinations and timings.


Penta Buzz: The Alternative Oktoberfest…

Penta Buzz: The Alternative Oktoberfest


When people across the world think of ‘beer festivals’ and ‘Germany’, generally they think of Oktoberfest. It’s the largest beer festival in the world, spans over three weeks and held annually in a meadow just outside Munich’s city centre. In addition to eating, drinking and dancing, visitors can enjoy colourful parades, a variety of fairground rides, and for those who want to- dress up in traditional Bavarian gear!

But in a country where beer is king – about 5 billion litres are produced annually – it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of similar festivals across Germany devoted to beer and with 13 hotel properties in Germany alone we discover the best of where and when to celebrate throughout the year with pentahotels.

International Beer Festival, Berlin

For a city globally recognised as being trendy, hip and international, it’s not a shocker that its annual beer festival follows suit. Unlike Oktoberfest, who only showcase local beers, the Berliner Bierfest is far more diverse, offering 2,000 different beers from all over the world – from the mainstream to microbrews and craft beer.  The festival is known by many Berliners simply as the ‘Biermeile’ (or Beer Mile) as the beer flows continuously for more than 2 kilometres, who organisers say makes it the longest beer garden in the world. The International Berlin Beer Festival runs for only 3 days annually in August so make sure you book into either of our Berlin pentahotels in Potsdam or Kopenick to be part of it.


Erlangen Bergkirchweih

Like Oktoberfest, the Erlangen Bergkirchweih, or ‘Berg’ to locals, is a traditional Bavarian beer festival but on a significantly smaller and more authentic scale. For two weeks in May, around one million people descend on the festival. It is the “more cozy” Oktoberfest set underneath the towns beautifully old chestnut trees, decorated with Chinese lanterns where guests can enjoy a cold Festmarzenbier, a beer traditionally brewed in March especially for the festival and served in stoneware tankards, regional specialities and international dishes. Carousels and other fun fair attractions, such as lottery booths and shooting galleries, provide a wide variety of entertainment. While Erlangen is a smaller town, it is very well located given its close proximity to Nuremberg and easy access to our hotel in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt.

Bremen Freimarkt

Moving north to Bremen, or about an hour south west from Hamburg, is the oldest fair in Germany: the Bremen Freimarkt. This annual festival prides itself on having more carnival rides than any other festival alongside its fantastic market where revellers can enjoy all things food, arts, and of course beer! Given its close proximity to the North Sea, fish is the main culinary offering with such delicacies as local herring and smoked eel. While not technically a beer festival, there is enough of an emphasis on German beer to be included here.The Bremen Freimarkt runs from October 14 to 30, 2016.


A German Beer Tour…

1. Kulmbacher, Bavaria

Dedicated to beer and only beer, the Kulmbacher Bierfest showcases the town’s 4 brew houses in traditional pavilions in the heart of town, where brewery staff hawks their beer along with traditional Bavarian street food.

2. Gäubodenvolksfest, Danube Region

An agricultural festival that first began back in 1812, Gäubodenvolksfest is a 10-day festival in August that showcases beers from the Straubing-Bogen. It also features a Bavarian parade with traditional costumes, horse carriage rides, and of course, beer tastings!

3. Schützenfest, Hanover

The world’s largest celebration for marksman and beer (always a superb combination), runs every year in July. First celebrated in 1529, the fair welcomes 5,000 marksmen, a colorful collection of fair rides, a half dozen beer tents, and a Marksmen’s Parade, a 7.5-mile-long parade consisting of top marksmen, marching bands, floats, and 1.5 million spectators.


With beer on tap at every pentahotel in Europe, celebrate your love for beer from Birmingham to Berlin in the comfort of the pentalounge. Visit http://www.pentahotels.com


Escape the City: Asia Edition

Big City life is great and so is the rush and buzz that comes from it! Yet, sometimes it can all just be a bit much to digest, sometimes people just want to be able to escape from the concrete landscape and enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity.

This can especially be the case when you’re playing tourist and aren’t used to the population density levels and mayhem that exist in Asian cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing!

Don’t worry, we hear you and we have got your back! Where should you go to get away from it all and enjoy a bit of ‘you’time?

The pentalounge is an ideal venue to kick back, relax and chill, within a social and friendly vibe. We serve mouthwatering cocktails and fresh juices as well as good food to satisfy your tastebuds from Caesar Salad to our signature Penta Burger.

But if it’s fresh air and an open space that you’re after then how about you take a stroll around some of the Penta recommended parks when you check into one of our Asia hotel properties during your next visit.


Fuxing Park

This 10 hectare, French styled park is like a massive garden in the centre of Shanghai. Although designed by the French, it’s got tonnes of typically Chinese elements to remind you where you are in the world!

Fuxing Park

It contains pavilions, fountains, flowerbeds and a great lake that’ll encourage you to embrace your inner zen just as much as yoga! This is one of the must-see locations in Shanghai but don’t worry about an overflow of tourists, it’s that big you’ll be able to feel very much at one with your thoughts!

Dongping National Forest Park

This park is a little outside Shanghai city centre, and at the centre of Chongming Island. This place is amazing if you’re looking for some activities to relieve the stresses of the city, for example grass skiing (who knew that was a thing?), rock climbing and it also has a driving range!


With awesome BBQ facilities, it’s the perfect place for guys to show off their grilling skills, whilst surrounded by nature. Forgotten your meat supplies? No wrries, work up an appetite walking around this epic forest before joining us in the pentalounge for our incredible penta pizza or penta burger!


Beihei Park

One of the biggest and most picturesque parks in Beijing and it’s over 1000 years old – It was owned and ruled by four different dynasties! It’s a massive 69 hectares and is filled with pavilions and gardens, so you’ll certainly have things to look at to take your mind off the stress off the city. The real attraction here is the Tibetan White Pagoda Temple, which looks spectacular with its rather chic and ancient décor.

Beihei Park

Make sure you head to the lake and take a boat out…is there anything more relaxing than just bobbing along?

Tuanjiheu Park

This is a spot that is all about the tranquillity! You’ll see Beijing’s elderlies getting their daily fix of tai-chi and frantic office workers busting a gut in vigorous exercise routines (the stresses of the city eh) – it’s a very healthy place to be.

Tang Park

However, it’s not all go, go, go; you’ll find couples staring deeply into each other’s eyes and families on the lake, enjoying the pedal boats. Much like the pentahotel bedrooms, this park offers the perfect balance of rest and play.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park

Unlike the others in the list, this place isn’t epic when it comes to acreage but it’s god so much to see! Within the park there’s the amazing flagstaff house; and if you like your Chinese tea of Chinese Antique Porcelain then it’s well worth a trip – you’ll see some of the best exhibits in China!

Hong kong Park 1

From the park you get an incredible perspective of the Hong Kong skyline, with it’s sexy and curvaceous buildings, as well as its sharp and angled sky scrapers. To be able to observe the city from a distance may be just what you need!

Find out more about our hotel locations in Asia and beyond by visiting http://www.pentahotels.com or by following our socials on Instagram @pentahotels

Trick or Treat? It’s Halloween…


PentaBuzz: Trick or Treat?

Halloween is celebrated throughout the world, with different traditions, names and beliefs. While typical Halloween activities include trick-or-treating and costume parties, there are a few places around the world where Halloween is so much more than that. From the witch trials in Prague, to a transformed theme park near Wiesbadan in Germany, these Penta ‘hot spots’ around Europe are by far the coolest places to be when October 31st falls.

Some of the events will have you screaming in fear, others will have you partying with thousands of people and others will have you taking part in elaborate costume parades; whatever you decide though, pentahotels promise it will be unforgettable!


Berlin, Germany
Head to Berlin for the Horror Night at Filmpark Babelsberg

Located just outside of Berlin, the Filmpark Babelsberg is an immense film set/theme park. During Halloween season, their special Horrornächte event will take you into an alternate reality with scenes of Halloween horror, props, actors and performances for the ultimate Halloween movie experience!

For the 7th time, Filmpark Babelsberg invites for its Horror Nights. People get shivered by all kinds of monsters and zombies. Experience your own horror movie. No admission for people under 16 years. Tickets from €19 and events run until 2nd November.


Prague, Czech Republic
The Biggest Halloween Party in Europe

‘Bloody Sexy Halloween’ is the best Halloween celebration in Prague. Great electronic music, awesome staging and even more incredible fancy dress create the spookiest, naughtiest way to spend Halloween.
Right in the city centre, this exclusive party welcomes local and international DJs to their brand new venue, Prague’s Forum Karlín, as the night continues all the way until 5am in the morning.

Expect spectacular pyrotechnic entertainment, more amazing people than ever before and the most outrageous theming in town. However, if your looking for something less flamboyant Prague is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most Gothic cities. Here you can walk through the foggy, narrow streets of the Old Town, pay a visit to the Museum of Alchemy or take part in a late night Ghost Tour of the city for a Halloween experience to remember!


Paris, France
Discover Ancient Life Beneath Paris

Located beneath the city of light, in the disused stone mines of the city, are the remains of more than 6 million Parisians, on display for all to see. At the Catacombs of Paris bones were placed there in the 18th century to clear out the fetid mess of the inner-city mass graves that had poisoned the air with their stench due to decades of overuse. The bones were stripped of any partially decayed matter, which was recycled as soap! Ooo-err! Visit http://www.catacombes.paris.fr for details.

Perhaps the catacombs are a little too macabre? For a more light-hearted adventure in Paris during Halloween, why not head over to Disneyland, and see some of your favourite cartoon characters dressed up in festive Halloween garb. Our hotel at Paris CDG Airport is within 10km of the Disneyland Paris resort.


Inverness, Scotland
Fright Night in the Mystical Scottish Forrests

The history of Scotland’s woods are soaked in mystery, bloodshed and strange goings on. Where better to have a genuine fright night on All Hallow’s Eve! Time to put on your scariest costumes and explore the unmentionable Forest of Frights, stretching 1300 m across two isles in the middle of the River Ness. Watch out for the creepy ‘Wall of Hands’ and meet some well-known characters along the way, including Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood, as you’ve never seen them before.

Horror Nights at Europa Park, Rusk, Germany


Fearless visitors can be the stars of their very own horror film during Horror Nights – as zombies, killer clowns, and vampires test their bravery and nerves! During the night visitors follow a trail through a darkened section of the theme park, where live actors, disguised and made to scare them, jump out on them! A choice of 5 haunted house form the main attractions plus an exclusive house based on the ‘Escape Room’ await you with all the attendant scary sounds, lighting, effects and visuals. Events run from 21st October- 5th November 2016 and check into our hotels in Wiedsbadan or Trier for nearest proximity to the theme park.

pentahotels have 28 hotel properties worldwide. Visit http://www.pentahotels.com for destinations and hotel room rates and remember when black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!

Best Football Stadiums in Europe

The football season has kicked off and we couldn’t be happier. Weekend’s seemed almost redundant with the lack of football on the TV – thank goodness for the Olympics or we may not have managed to hold out, with the lack of sport.

At the church of penta, football is religion, and you can catch all the live action from Europe’s biggest leagues, in every pentalounge across the continent. The pentalounge offers an extremely friendly and social atmosphere and so this got us thinking; where else is great to watch football in Europe?

Berlin – Olympiastadion

This amazing arena held the World Cup Final in 2006 between France and Italy...
This amazing arena held the World Cup Final in 2006 between France and Italy…

This incredible sporting structure was originally built for the 1936 Berlin Olympics and has witnessed some incredible matches over the years including the 2006 World Cup final! With a capacity of 74,480, the atmosphere is often electric and it has become a fortress for the German national team!

 Manchester – Old Trafford

The theatre of dreams! There’s been some incredible nights at Old Trafford in the past…

This place isn’t labelled the theatre of dreams for nothing. It’s home to one of the biggest football clubs in the world and Manchester United have enjoyed some classic fixtures within the ground. We love this stadium so much we’ve got a box there, where we love to entertain pentapeople throughout the football season!

Liege – Stade de Sclessin

The unique red roof is often raised by the Standard Liege fans...
The unique red roof is often raised by the Standard Liege fans…

Although not as big as the others in terms of capacity, this place could certainly rival them for noise, such is the passion of the Standard Liege fans! It’s an old and classic stadium, meaning that you may not get some of the luxuries of the more modern grounds; instead you get a raw love of football!

Prague – Generali Arena

The home of Sparta Prague...what they lack in stadium capacity, they make up for in noise!
The home of Sparta Prague…what they lack in stadium capacity, they make up for in noise!

 The home of the Czech’s most famous team, Sparta Prague, this place is another golden oldie. The Czech Republic’s stadiums are rather small in terms of size and capacity in comparison to some of the biggest footballing nations with globally renowned domestic leagues. But size isn’t everything! This is a great place to go and watch a match and the team’s receptive fans are extremely welcoming.

Vienna – Ernst Happel Stadium

This amazing stadium hosted the Euro 2008 final between Spain and Germany...
This amazing stadium hosted the Euro 2008 final between Spain and Germany…

This massive 55,000 seater stadium hosted 7 games during Euro 2008, including the final between  Germany and Spain. It’s the Austrian national stadium and was named after the legendary Austrian footballer, Ernst Happel. This place has an incredible stadium experience and extremely fluid connections to Vienna city centre, as well as an under-heated pitch!

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